Thursday, December 3, 2009

A fabulus advent idea you too can do! Decor series #6

Okay, Okay, so it is the 3rd and this is just going out... May I suggest the 12 days of Christmas instead of 24? I swear if I plan on doing another series I shall prepare my posts WAY in advance- and my hubby is NOT allowed to go out of town, nor are robbers allowed to be wretled on my lawn, nor is my child allowed stitches while it is going on! Oh- but before I forget- Rose Pressey wins my giveaway! It seems I can't give something away- even when Im giving it away! Geeze! Rose can you send my your snail mail again? Thanks!

Now- for advent!
You will need
fabric for 24 envelopes
fabric for the envelopes to be strung on
24 buttons
numbers printed on muslin and cut out
coffee/coke/christmas music

I saw this adorable little idea on Craftzines website.

 I wanted to make it match my decor,though.
 You know- soft greens, burlap, muslins, linens, silver, gold... So I found some fabric I've had for EONS folks and got to cutting out my envelope using their pattern. I DID add 1/2 inche to the pattern size because I was sewing mine. First print our your numbers on muslin. How? Use scrapbook squares to adhere your fabric to paper, and send that baby through your printer! I used the algerian font...

Once printed cut out into the size you want.
Fold your envelope to wher you want it and decide where your numbers should go. Stitch them on.

Now fold your envelope over and sew up the 2 sides.

Leave the flap alone for now. Turn rightside out and iron!

What a sweet little number on the outside!
Now finish that flap!
I used a zigzag/satin stitch combo on my flaps to finish the edge, you could do that OR press over the edge and sew it down...
Repeat this process 23 more times!
Now for buttons!
I folded my flap in half like so

And cut a little slit in it.

I did not do a true buttonhole. Why? I didnt want to. I figured they get opened once a year and if I need to satin stitch it in the future I can. Call me lazy.
Put you button inside your slit

that way you know where to sew it!

Sew that button on!
Look at that!

Now you will cut strips about 1 inch wide and 6 inches long. Know them end to end to make a chain and button your envelopes on it!

Curently mine are taped to the wall... The kids can reach it without fear of knocking down vintage glass, greenery, or falling into a crackling fire. Each night they open an envelope and we do as it says. I have scripture for each night, and an activity as a family.

 Heres some ideas

a quarter for each kid- Christmas is in 25 days. Read the story of the widows giving and discuss how God wants ALL of us, too

Make popcorn garland for the kids bedroom trees

decorate christmas cookies

decorate the tree

wrap presents

Read Cosmic Christmas by Max Lucado (after reading Eph :10-12 and discussing the concept)

Make cocoa and watch 'A king is born'

Play Uno and discuss the 1 true sacrifice for sin

Candy canes, mini size, and the candy cane legend

Make dinner for a shut in and deliver it

Drive around and look at ligths and discuss Jesus being the light of the world

Get together with neighbors or friends and make paper chains for your kids room

Paint suncatcher ornaments (pack of 8 and Dollar Tree)

make ornaments for the grandparents

make goodies for the teachers in your childs life

If you google advent ideas you will find TONS of them! I love how my kdis get so excited each night to do
this. I also love the family asnd Christ-centeredness of it all. You could just put candy int he envelopes but I wanted the focus to be on togetherness and our King instead of the me, me, my, gimme, gimme I. We battle that enough this time of year, don't we?
Enjoy your garland making ladies! I am going to take a rest- I have an 'acute sinus infection' and feel as if a truck has run me down.

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