Saturday, December 19, 2009

Company is here.They flew in safe and sound and we are loving it! They are loving my puppy. My Uncle plays musical chairs around the room strategically placing himself next to  whoever has the puppy so he can find ANY oppurtunity to have the lil guy. Even the 'Do you want me to take him outside?' Translated. "Give me the puppy NOW! I want a turn!'  I am loving it. My Aunt and I have been a whirlwind in the kitchen. I love it. My cousin crashed my place last night as I tried to stay up and watch a Brad Pitt movie. Girls- not even his handsomeness could keep my eyelids up last night!
 In less than 48 hours I have hosted 2 events, as well as a Christmas party for 1st graders at my sons school. I cooked for 20 people after cooking for 10 women the night before. i have stayed up late making gifts for little girls and family and gotten up early to bake, cook, clean, etc. My puppy is an early bird. EARLY early bird. He is great but it is rather like having a 6 wk old baby! I adore hosting- I am truly in my element when cooking and entertaining. However, this morning I am glad the past 3 days are behind me. This morning I have NOTHING to do. Nothing. NICE. Give me some coffee, my bible, and a snuggly kid wanting to curl up and watch Pink Panther.  This afternoon is Christmas at the grandparent In-laws. Awesome! :-)

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