Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Mantle

My mantle is done! Its simple and beautiful as far as I am concerned... and now to the decorating! Pics to follow probably tomorrow- I have TONS of garland awaiting my nimble fingers, but I think a trip to the SA may be in order to add some heighth to what is there... We shall see. Stay tuned. Oh- on another note, it looks as if Noodle will be coming home earlier than Christmas. Why? My hubby is a nerd and can't wait
My hubby and F-I-L think it will be best if we give the pup some time to adjust, and are thinking that Christmas morn would be INSANE with  a dog and presents. Hubby will have some extra days off and thinks it would be helpful in getting Noodle into a routine... I say as long as we incorporate him into our advent envelopes I am OKAY with it, I guess... I must say I am a little bummed over my hwole bvring him out last idea on Christmas morn, but then I remember its not about the presents, really, is it? So- what to do to gear up for a dog to arrive in 6 days NOT 17 days? Good thing I finished his stocking and such, eh? :-)
Alright- off to bedeck my mantle...

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