Sunday, November 15, 2009

Utter Chaos

I was planning on a post yesterday for my Christmas series. Then life happened. LIFE HAPPENED.
 My washer broke, and a burnt belt filled my house with the smell of an electric fire. My dryer is on the way out, too, by the way. My son fell off his bike and had to be taken to the ER for stitches, and to make sure he didn't ahve a concussion.  5 minutes after getting home from the ER my behind our house neighbor calls while I am picking up my other 2 children at the neighbors a street over. She wanted to know what was 'going down' in my front yard'. Neighbor who had my kids hubby took off to see what was going on.  A robber with a gun was going down- literally -because neighbor 2 houses to the left tackled him and neighbor who was watching my kids hubby was also sitting on said robber.
Did I mention my hubby was out of town deer hunting?
 A night of scared children, me not sleeping, bunking out at my inlaws and migraines are what followed. Then a birthday party for child number 1 today.
 I apologize for the interruption of this regularly scheduled program and please stay tuned for Christmas Decor Series Post #3 on Monday.
Yes we have an alarm. Yes Robber is in jail. No, he wasn't trying to rob my house, he robbed a house on neighbor who had my kids street and was cutting through my street when he spooked neighbor 2 doors downs dog. No we don't live in the ghetto- we live in a very nice neighborhood, but with 4 teens that are trouble,  but now are going away for awhile! And no this kid doesnt always pack a gun, he had stolen it from the house he robbed... Now- off for a cup of coffee, a good 'I am so tired and thankful we are all okay' cry, and then to pick up my blessing of a washer and dryer that are being given to us.


Hopeful Housewife said...

Bless your heart girl! Enjoy that cup of coffee & your cry. Together they are sure to make you feel a little better!

nannykim/spindlecottage said...

Now what kind of excuse is that--I mean you definetly could have made something creative and cute from the surgical gloves that are always hanging out in ERs could have taken the burnt belt and done something...SOMETHING...or hmmmm ...aren't you glad your hubby is home? or is he?

Christine Edwards said...

Wow, that's definitely need chocolate, or perhaps something stronger(?). Hope things have calmed down quite a bit and sorta back to normal.

Rose Pressey said...

Wow, that is the day from hell. Maybe you got all the bad luck out of the way for a while.

Anonymous said...

I read this post and teared up a good lil bit then went to bug my husband about it. I told him about what happened and we decided then and there that when we are having a crappy day, we'll remember your crappy day and not complain about ours. Even though you have no clue who we are, we are so sorry for the jumble and scariness you went through. Hope things have calmed down for you and your family. We'll be thinking about you!