Friday, May 21, 2010

Grocery Blessings

I have said it before, and I shall say it again. God is faithful to grow us. He always is. Especially when we realize we need to grow in an area and ask for it!
I was blog hopping yesterday and came across a fabulous post. Unfortunately I. cannot. find. it.
It's not in my history, Ive spent hours looking. I cannot even remember the name of the blogger or how I got to her site. So- I shall summarize for you. This woman does not like to grocery shop. I understand. I spend, on average, 2 hours making my lists, gathering/clipping/organizing my coupons and deals and calculating my costs before I leave for the store. (budget is King!) I then drive to the store, load things in the cart, then on the conveyor belt, then back in the car, then in the house, then in the pantry/fridge.
However, this woman had a lightbulb moment.
Let me highlight some words above for you.
Are you getting my point? The point this woman made, who has a great blog that  I. cannot.find.
Am I really complaining about going to the store to purchase food for my family? I have a store to go to. My children do not look like this.

And I am complaining!?!
Shame on me.
Shame on you.
According to the CDC  in 2008 19.6% of 6-11 year olds were obese.
18.1% of 12-19 year olds were.
Lets not even discuss adults.
Now- I  am not picking on people who are overweight due to health reasons, or really picking on overweight people at all. But lets ask ourselves- WHY the large numbers?
Because we can afford to feed our children.
We are cramming them full of sweets and junk and there are THOUSANDS of children dying the world over DAILY from hunger related causes.
Because we are SO well fed we take it for granted and think it's our right to even complain about going to the store. I spent 3 summer soverseas- 1 of them in Asia. Ive seen people lying in the streets hungry and children as little as 1 trying to sell things on the streets for food.
And yet I complain about going to the well stocked, clean grocery.
I vowed yesterday morning to not have a bad attitude while shopping.
Ever. Again.
And then I took 3 boys to the store, to 3 stores actually.
And the gal at Meijer rung my order wrong and owed me $15.00 for not scanning my coupons correctly, which I didn't notice until I was BACK in the car with all 3 kids and had to go BACK in the store to wait in line to get my money back.
And I thought to myself- I could complain. This is frustrating. I am hungry and it is dinner time. My kids are rowdy and hungry, too.
But I just spent more in this store than some people will have in a lifetime. I am going home to put my food away, and I can eat a disease free, bug free meal tonight. I will be getting more back in change than many people live on in a years time. Hungry to me means nothin really. I don't KNOW hunger like many people around the world do.
And I praised God for the oppurtunity I had. For the country I live in. For giving me the tender heart to see how truly blessed I am. For the oppurtunity to grow my attitude and perspective. For my children being well fed and cared for. I thought of the little guy we sponsor. And the girl we sponsored for 10 years until she went to college. And I praised God. And I praised God. And I praised God.
How is your attitude?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Morning Bessings

My mornings are hectic. What else could you expect with 3 boys, 7 and under, and a puppy? I wake up, crawl immediately walk to my coffee pot and get it started. My sons are NOT morning people. Well- I take that back, the 2 that are in school are not morning people. I am usually greeted by whines, and 'more sleep!' or a made up ailment such as 'my tummy hurts, 'my head hurts', etc. I think that they think I was never a child myself and maybe I will one day buy into it and let them stay home. NOT HAPPENING boys.
Usually after the whining comes the craziness. A hyper puppy thrilled that his best playmates are up is racing to and fro. And I mean RACING. As in Indy 500 time trials racing. And the oldest is racing right along with puppy, the youngest has spilled his milk, AND oatmeal, and the middlest is making some sort of odd noise- this morning it was an indian war cry. Why you ask?
I have no earthly clue.
I laughed and shook my head and bit my tongue wanting to be short and say 'Will you be quiet??!! Calm down, stop being so...
Happy? Full of life? boyish? a child for now?
I have not had a peaceful quiet morning in 7 years, 2 months and 15 days. I probably won't have one for another 14 years, and 6 months. And then- will it really be peaceful? Will I enjoy it?
Or will I be crying my eyes out as my baby flies the nest?
A tempted as I am some mornings to squash the child in my children I realize that they will be children for only so long. Instead of the shushing, I giggle at the indian war cry, instead of grumbling and being angry I remind myself these are memories, moments I can not get back. I want my sons to remember mornings full of laughter, and a puppy and his boy gallopping along happy to see each other. NOT some monster mom in all her grogginess snapping their heads off and getting their day off to a rotten start. Who wants to be snapped at first thing in the morning?
 I doubt you'd see any hands raised if this question was asked in a room full of people!
My children are a blessing. A gift from the Lord. Even if that blessing is using his Indan war cry at 7 am.
I am thankful my God loves me enough to touch my heart and remind me that 'mans anger does not bring about the righteous life that God  desires.' (James 1:9) And I so desire a righteous life in my children. How can they love God more when momma doesn't model that love?
 Even at 7 am.
 Even with a war cry.
 Even with a puppy knocking into my legs.
 Even when I was tossing and turning all night due to a migraine.
Even with a whiny 'I don't want to get up!'
Even with spilled milk.
Have you remembered your blessings in the morning? Or is today a day to be reminded of that?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Joys of Boys 3

My house is full of testosterone. Even our dog is a boy. There is so much 'boyishness' a gal can sometimes get overwhelmed. What does an overwhelmed Mama do? She laughs ALOT, she has her girls nights, and she decides fi you can't be one, why not join them?
On Sunday morning we were running late to church. I was 'putting on my face' and Jackson comes running into my bathroom holding this

MOM! (In a whiny tattletale voice, wearing an impish smile...)
'LOOK at what Brennan drew!' I looked, and tried to not bust a gut laughing in front of my 7 year old. 'Mom- just look. ' I looked again, said 'Thank you' and continued applying my mascara. I am prettys ure he was hoping to get his brother in trouble. No such luck. A few moments later hubby comes in for his shower. I showed him and we both cracked up. I mean seriously? Fart, Pee and Poop? WHY are little boys obsessed with bodily functions? My kids have recently learned how to make that 'fart' noise with their armpits. I hear it ALL DAY. And then last week when in Meijer Jackson went to use the bathroom. I waited outside, listening, always afraid for the scary man in the bathroom picking on my kid like thos horror storied youve heard. Jackson comes out giggling. Well he met a scary man alright. And that man ripped one at the urinal and declared' Ahh... that's some paradise'. WHAT? WHAT?? I thought boys outgrew this- or at least some of them?
Hubby and I decided Brennan need no punishment. If we make a big deal out of his drawing poop, he will be all the more obsessed with drawing it and quite frankly, I don't care. Call me names, tell me I'm a bad mother, email me how I should be teaching my child about poo. I'm just not worried about it. We did however tell him that potty drawings do NOT belong in school or at church. While my boys love to rip one, it may not be done at the table, or during prayers, and family devos. They are learning to go outside to the sandbox and giggle about it, or up to their room and howl with laughter while belching the ABC's.
After I was ready for church, Quin came downstairs declaring he was ready. He was in grubby shorts and a play shirt. I promptly told him to take off those shorts, they were not church shorts. He drops his drawers and it is all hanging out.
'QUIN! Where you going to NOT wear underwear to church?!?!?!'
The most impish smile I've ever seen was accompanied by a matter of fact grin and a 'YEP!'
That boy hates underwear- I think he may be a boxers kinda guy...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Table and chairs and such

After our week of craziness I have been unwinding. Unwinding in Gods word, unwinding by relaxing, unwinding by actually letting a few things go around here. And then today I caught up, well, mostly. I have also been working on some new projects. Here's a peek of my inspiration and what I have to start with.
This lil' Lady I have had my eye on for a couple of months. She was in our Salvtion army, and I couldn't believe it when I went back for her and she was there. She was hiding among several large couches, as if playing hide and seek with me. She was not priced, and since the manager knows me because I am in there ALL THE TIME, she let me have it for $5.00.

Look at those awesome feet! I love how they are metal, so they won't get gnawed to bits by Noodle dented or chipped.I cannot wait to see the end result!

Now this next set of photos is my chairs that have me thinking if I EVER see another piece of sandpaper it will be to soon. I bought these a year ago for $5.00 a piece, with the seat cushions. They have been hanging out, being used, but needing loved.

I believe the previous owners were smokers. I was literally SCRAPING this gunk off the legs of these chairs. and It was nasty sticky, too. There were so many layers under the top one that it took me 6 HOURS with a power sander to even get to the bottom on the flat surfaces of 2 chairs. Power sander and 6 hours do NOT belong together in the same sentence!
UGH! I was wanting this set of chairs to become like this...

Pottery Barn... Beautiful... $299. per chair... $999. for the table...
So- I rounded up some Rustoleums Heirloom White, some Kilz Spray primer, Some clear coat and got busy.I would show you what they looked like after those 6 hours, plus many more hand scraping ones,  but my camera battery died. Here one is after a coat of Kilz, and such...

I am almost done them, and by done I mean the cute little slip covers they are gettng on their seat is almost done. You can wait for the final shot, right?
To go with these lovelies I want a table to match! I already have a table, but she is orange honey oak in color. However- this is what I am thinking...
My table has the same legs as the PB table, but I would like the top to resemble the picture below.

You should check out the total transformation!
Hubby said building a new top would be easy- and Knock Off Wood has plans for a similiar table. I would also like to build some benches. Our kitchen is too small for 6 chairs around a table. I believe that just looks cluttered, so... We are in process of table transforming!
I also took a sad day and turned it into an Anthropologie knock off of sorts.
You see- I had this beautiful little vase- Kind of reminded me of Ballards Onion pendant

My puppy knocked down my side table, and the glass broke. I kept the piece of metal, I knew I would find a use for it somewhere!


It's unique, and makes me happy that I salvaged something from my lil vase to reuse.
Have you salvaged something damaged that you loved? Or redone a table and chairs lately?
Enjoy your weekend!