Thursday, October 29, 2009

Of Halloween and Christmas

It's been awhile since Ive blogged.  We have all been down with the swine flu. And bronchitis, and sinus infections, oh and ear infections, too. I don't remember the last time I have been so stinkin' sick. I actually had a 103 fever on tylenol. My sons were 105.2 and 104.1 Us asthmatics can't quite handle high fevers. We've been drugged up, and I think we have watched more t.v. in the past 3 weeks than in the past 3 months. I think I also set a new Sarah record for not showering or wearing makeup. Is that TMI? Oh well. It's true. Now that Ive disinfected my house, and scrubbed bathrooms, and am off of the medicine I still can't quite get back to myself. Ive heard this flu leaves you exhausted and weak. It's the truth! So Ive been reading books, sewing a little(that takes too much effort) and keeping up on the house. And taking lots of naps. LOTS of naps. Maybe sometime this week I'll be back to meself?
I have halloween costumes to hem, and pumpkins to carve. Mummy 'pup'cakes have been made and my boys want to make some 'magic wands'. The school party is tomorrow- I hope I have everything ready! Just kidding, I do. I think.
 And I am still working on the Christmas decor. Call me crazy. Christmas takes time, ya know? Although while sick I did my sons Christmas shopping. No joke- thank you ebay! My older 2 boys are getting a Didj each, with cool 'skins' and I have 4 games- 2 math, 2 reading/spelling. The little guy is getting a Leapster L-max loaded with 6 games. I was able to buy 2 of the systems used, but they look new, and save a whopping
$350.00! Seriously! And the new in the box system I saved about 50% on , too. I have spent less than $120.00 on all 3 boys total! Woo-hoo! Hubby and I are boycotting Christmas for each other this year. Stockings are all that are left to do. WHEW! And its not even halloween!
Back to decor.
I would like to make an advent this year. I have seen some cute ones. Some cheesy ones. Some downright hideous ones!  I would like somethign non-cheesy, something a little more elegant. Here are some options
Craftzine has the directions to this one. I was thinking it would be beautifuous in linens, grossgrain, silks... With printed numbers? Fancy fonts? Mother of pearl buttons? Ah my wheels are turning!

Etsy has several options! This is made of muffin tins.

Garnet Hill offers garland style ones- how cutesy are these lil buckets?

Wanna know a secret? Dollar Tree has little buckets in their wedding section... Four for a BUCK! SSHHH... now go buy yourself some before everyone else rushes the Tree and buys them up!!!!
I have seen cutesy mittens, and little bulbs, wall hangings... I am leaning more toward the garland style, but not sure what yet. maybe once I finish my tree skirt it will come to me... Now- go forth and create! get Halloween over with and enjoy your Christmas crafting!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's beginnign to look a lot like...

So- I'm sick. Really. Really. Sick. I. Have. NO. Voice. And my sons have been trying to take advantage of it! Anywho- what's a girl to do that is supposed to relax and take it easy?
Sew of course!!!

The color scheme I borrowed from Ballard. The design- why it came out of my own pretty little head, of course!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DIY day at a Soft Place To Land! Come Join the fun!

It's DIY day at A soft place to land!So I thought I would drag something out of the files, and link up! With me being sick and having sick kiddos not much has been done recently! Today I will show you my bathroom sign- still awaiting to be hung in the ALMOST finished bath! I don't have before pictures- please forgive me. And trust that it was nothign fab or fun before!

This little sign started out as an unfinished piece from Hobby Lobby for $3.00. I bought a piece only becasue I had no scrapwood that was thick enough or looked right.  I painted her black, and used some sandpaper to distress her out. I printed out the french saying with graphics from the Graphics fairy, and the help of a friend that majored in French. After modge podging I let her dry and touched up the raw edges with paint. I then got out the trusty drill, drilled 2 holes and used ribbon I already had in my craft dresser.
Total cost? $3.00- I already had the other materials.
 The shutter you see? A goodwill find for $2.00. Painted with Heirlom white spray paint, distressed and then covered in Poly- I drilled 3 holes, shoved 3 antique door knobs through those holes and hubby filed the backs down to sit flush, then came bolts and LOTS and LOTS of gorilla glue, or wood glue or both.  2 Saw tooth hangers finished her out and makes a fab towel rack for my spare bath! Total cost $2.00 for the shutter, and I found 7 knobs for a total of .50 cents!!!!!
These items will be layered on my wall with art displayed on the wall above. not bad for $5.00, eh?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Plan ahead gal

I won my ebay auction! What auction you ask? An auction of 300 Mother of pearl buttons. As one of my facebook friends asked- "WHAT are you going to do with 300 buttons!?"

Why- make this of course! Thank you Ballard Designs for the garland inspiration.

Not that theirs were TOO pricey- but $5.00 for 300 buttons isn't bad... Add Ribbon at .50cents per roll and I have me some inexpensive yet classy Christmas decor. I shall post pics when it is done. I also found this tree at for $98 smackaroos.

Wouldn't she look lovely in a fancy mini Urn tabletop size? With vintage glass birds in her branches? Maybe even in Silver? Like a frosty night? Or the aftermath of an ice storm? My man suggested I go to the Garden center and buy a dead shrub for "next to nothing or heck, they might even GIVE it to you!". I thinks I shall!

Why am I obsessed with Christmas NOW? I don't know- this is the plan ahead gal you're reading about.
 I had my birth plans written at the end of my first trimester. I had my bags packed for the hospital at 24 weeks. Really. I lived out of my little travel bag- and all my makeup went back in it every day after I put my face on. I planned my friends baby shower 4 months before she was having it. Really- I think I drove her nuts telling her to GO REGISTER ALREADY so I can print stuff up!!!!!! I already have had presents bought for Christmas since summer, and I plan a Thanksgiving menu in October. See- I have 3 small boys. And something never fails to happen at the oddest time. Like a broken arm, a cold, asthma attack, etc  etc.

SO- my theory is that even though I may have X amount of time to finish X task- WHAT IF? Not that I am worried, don't take it that way- i just like to be prepared. I hate rushing around and not doing things right because I didn't plan ahead and X happened and X is now not going to happen...Get it?


So- Seeing as I will be sewing/crafting/gluing my Christmas decor Now really IS the time to plan!

I also think I am going to change out my pillow covers with a neutral pallette to really soften thigns up. Check these out -Jen from Sanctuary Arts at Home sells them- I love how simply elegant they are! So linens and Burlap and Buttons it probably will be amidst silver, gold and greenery.
 Now I'm off to lay on the couch with my 3 yr old and watch some Scooby Doo- I'm sick and need the rest!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Christmas in October

Now that my fall wreath is done, and my Halloween decor I am thinking of Christmas. I would love a gorgeous tree skirt- all Fancy Shmancy and such. I want to redo our stockings, and make a big fat obnoxiously beautiful garland for my mantle. seeing as my kids are having pumpkins sugar cookies and a movie night at Grams and Grandads I decided to get lost in my googling (or oohing and aahing).

Don't Judge- Dinner was delicious-  Kalamata Pork Medallions with Rosemary, asparagus and baked potatoes. My kitchen is clean, laundry is done, floors are swept and I even organized that pile in the corner of my room of craft, Etsy, and decor stuff. So- my googling  Oohing and Aahing is well deserved!

I got my latest Ballard Designs catalogue today. I love their tree skirts- simple, elegant OOH!

As much as I love this and think I may want to do something similiar I also think I will get sick of too much Frenchy stuff. Shoot me. But really. I don't want to put hours into something to get sick of it next year...
here's some other ideas that had me ooing

This I found at I LOVED their stuff- couldn't afford any of it but it gave me many ideas!I would skip the monogram, though...

 I cannot remember where this was at- I think it was under Nextags... Maybe a different color? Or not...

Ah... Target! Love the design- but not the Puce greenish- I think I saw that in my sons diaper once years ago.

Frontgate again... Instead of the embroidery maybe a transfer of a crown, or Emmanuel in French script, or a pretty graphic of somesorts.

Wouldnt this be pretty in Damasks, and with fringe? No plaids, please...
Horchow had several things I liked, too but for some reason their pictures wouldn't save/copy.

I also have been thinking of this kind of stuffAlthough I think that silver would really show off my wall colors, and my red curtains. Sadly whoever decorated this room allowed the urns, and topiarys to blend in with the stone. So bland looking! Yet it could be fabulous! That is from I believe...
Where do you get your decor inspiration? I am familiar with Pottery Barn, Horchow, Ballard Designs, Frontgate, and Inside Living.  Any you recommend? Hope those wheels are turning for Christmas!

A Wreath

I just finished hanging this up outside...

It is full of fake, phony and not so fake stuff.

See- the 'pokey balls' are real, but the leaves are not...

I love me some feathers!

Some dried flowers and some fake leaves...

Is it a beautiful monstrosity or just Monstrous?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A big thanks to Rose for making my blog look better! And she was even able to get rid of the funky orange advertisement stripe! THANKS ROSE! I hope you enjoy your Foaps and Sachet once they arrive! I love the red! What a surprise huh? Me loving red? I know, I know. It's perfect for me! Maybe now I'll get more traffic, eh?
Today has been rather uneventful. I have been planning a party for a bunch of first graders classroom- a FALL party mind you. Cannot have anything Halloweenish. (No it's not a private school) I have games planned, and letters sent to other room moms and parents asking for donations of candy. Like our kids need more candy? lol
 I have dusted, done laundry, and dishes.I have piddled around with Quicken and budgets (uck!) I have dragged a bunch of stuff out of the attic with the hopes of making a fall wreath.  I have looked at my menu, and in my freezer and nothing sounds good for dinner, nothing! So grilled cheese and noodle soup it is. How uncreative and thats fine with me for tonight! We have more than enough left overs for Shaun to take to work, I don't need more leftovers until those are eaten up!

And I have also learned that when you give your 3 yr old gum check BEFORE you lay him down for his nap as to whether he is still chewing it!

Yup- Gum. At this point he's too sleepy-just-woke-ups to care...

Did his Spidy powers backfire????

I believe that is blankie fuzz sticking to gum residue all over his belly...

Now he is awake enough to care!

Monday, October 5, 2009

HELP! I am a Blogger Newbie and Blogger challenged!

Okay- My title says it all. I NEED your help! WHY do I have the little screwdriver and wrench on my homepage? WHY can't I get rid of that hideous orange stripe of an add for Pyzam? How do y'all make YOUR blogs Spiffy and Beautiful and dazzling????
I shall be forever grateful- and to whoever can revamp this mess of a blog into something Beautiful I shall mail you 1 sachet and 2 faux soaps. Yes thats right- help me fix this mess of bloggy-wanna-be-ness and I shall drop you a sweet little me -thanks- you- very muchly- in -the- mail!

Soap Schmoap

I have had a blast today with Faux soap. I wanted a basket full of sweet little wrapped things to sit on the back of Les Toilettes. I dug into this dresser for stuff and paid a visit to my computer file of graphics.My file is full thanks to Graphics Fairy! (I know I've mentioned her like 20 times in 3 days, no she's not paying me, I am just giddy over her website!!!)
I used a hand saw and cut some wood into soap sized blocks to wrap. I also hacked down lots of my lavender and sage and dried it in the oven. Boy did my house smell LOVE-UH-LEE! Hubby asked "WHAT?! is that SMELL!?! Herbs???"
Okay- an oven full of sage and lavender CAN be a wee bit overpowering...

I heated up that glue gun of mine, threaded the machine, printed, cut, glued, and made a mess! BUT had a blast.
The end result of my rummaging, sawing and sewing?

I love me some Eiffel towers! The sachet smells heavenly. Maybe it will help hide the scent of 3 boys and what they leave behind in a bathroom.

You may just find some of these on my etsy shop in the next week...

I also have been working on other little bits and pieces for my bathroom... A towel rack,( I DO have one of these in my Etsy shop!) a sign, ... Can't wait to show you the end result!!!! And the shower curtain that ALMOST won! Oh- Can't wait to reveal that! This can hold you over for now!

Something scary this way comes!

I decided to decorate for halloween this year. I haven't before. No idea why. Just well, maybe it was a fundage issue, yeah- the lack thereof. Or a time issue, or a creative block or 3 little kids that kept touching things. Let me digress for a minute.
It makes me laugh when a parent of 1 child snottily says' my child will learn the word 'No'. HA-HA-HA-HA! JUST WAIT I think, till they triple tag team you and you can't get from one to the next to discipline fast enough and that prized heirloom thingy comes crashing down because the crawling child was touching it while you were swatting the 1 1/2 yr olds hand for touching the t.v. remote and the 2 1/2 year old is climbing in the pantry for snacks behind your back where you cannot see but can hear him. Did my kids learn the word 'No'? HECK YES!!!! But I also knew that them being babies was so much better than prized heirloom thingys up until they were alittle bigger. Sigh. Now at 3, 5, 6 my prize dthingys are up, and occaisionaly, even though they KNOW not to throw the ball/rocket/brothers shoe in the house something OCCAISIONALLY gets knocked down. But not often.
So- un- digressing...
I decorated this year for halloween. See.

The kids were a little concerned that I had a jar of poison out- until they realized it was food coloring and water. Hubby was concerned, too. I think he was envisioning greenish black dye everywhere...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintage cutesy graphics from the graphic fairy. Seriously- this chic is rocking my world! I know my pics arent great- i stink with a camera- but it does look good- and I have the Fairy to thank! And salvation army, and whoever got rid of that cool jar, and the nifty cake plate... and the candle holder/cloche thingy...
What did you do for Halloween?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

flappin in the wind

Just so you know- I g=had a spider crawling on me, brushed it off and am continuing to write even though I have no idea where it landed. Your welcome.
My youngest has been obsessed lately. With his flapper.
Quinster has a habit of putting his undies on backwards. Which leaves him with a massive wedgie. Which makes me laugh. especially when I see him running with two cute little tushy cheeks hanging out! Daddy went and ruined my fun this week by showing him the flap in the front of his underpants, and telling him it always goes in the front. Of course a 3 year old wants to know WHY theres a flap. So daddy showed him. And now he just HAS to use it when he pees. As a matter of fact earlier he was crying because 'I just CAN'T do it!'- As In he couldnt get his ya know through the hole... And when 'Ducky ' came over tonight Quinster had been in the bathroom for about 10 minutes- I finally went to check on him and he was again, trying to get his ya know out of the flapper. Before I could catch him he ran past, and with hands on hips said 'Look Ducky! I can do THIS (with his ya know sticking out of his flapper) it has a flapper to pee with! And off he ran again to go pee out of his flapper.
Oh- Ducky is a family friend. Quin gave him the nickjname 'Ducky' and it just stuck. Dont know why or where it came from, but it stuck. The Ducksmister just laughed at my son, and took his ya know in stride.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bathroom dillemma

I am trying to finish my bathroom. Ya know- the one that our flood started in? Yup- I have a shower curtain to finish, and art to pick out and so forth. And i have decorators block. Seriously- My shower curtain - Im just not feeling it. I think it needs some foo-fooey- girly- girl trimmings. And as for my walls- well I WAS going to put up one of these
But now i am not so sure. I am also debating the art...
Heres some options- all from the Graphics Fairy
Option 1- a mix of all or some of these...

Option 2... I do love these peacocks- not sure why they jsut make me giddy

I am thinking of swapping out birds for bugs in the summer... I know- birds are summery- but bugs are fun, too and I cannot decide!
I DO like this little sign- I can make something similiar to hang layered on my shutter towel bar...

And I def want to make some little sachets and soaps with these amazing labels!

a href="">

So- what is your vote? Peacocks? Birds with eggs? OR