Monday, November 30, 2009

A swallow of Pride

I cannot believe it is the 29th already! I am so dissapointed in myself and my first series. You see, I had high hopes, at least 12 post ideas, and a schedule. A SCHEDULE PEOPLES!
 Its been 5 posts, and pride swallowing. I was so excited about this to begin with, and so puffed up with pride about my first series. I didn't quite realize the time that would go into it. (opr the stinking picture taking!)Next year I shall start in October drafting, and have some stuff ready ahead of time for days when Chaos hits. Or laziness. Or both on the same day. I think God just wanted to teach me some things. Like priorities, and um, a lesson in pride. I've always been the kind of gal that can 'get it done'. Come hell or high water, it will be finished, by golly. And finished well, no not well, dang near perfect! I usually thrive under pressure. Somehow I think my God wanted me to learn to lean on Him, and not be so full of me. He is the one that gave me my talents and creativity and I need to be using them to glorify Him, not self. So- as I learn a little more in the pride department, I will try and get some more posts out this month. No promises on how many, but I shall do my bestest. You live and learn , eh? Thanks be to God he doesn't leave us the way we are!
In the past 2 weeks I have finalized my sons Chrstmas, I had stocking stuffers to get, and somehow convinced hubby that we needed a puppy as a Christmas gift. We had to put our dog down last March, and my hubby and sons are dog lovers. The kids have been begging for a dog for, well, since March. We have looked at many different breeds, and um, they are expensive! I came across an add one day that mentioned Christmas puppies had arrived. The price was perfect! I emailed the breeder asking for more info and mentioned it to hubby. His eyes twinkled and I got giddy at the idea of the bestest Christmas gift my kids havehad/will ever have beyond Christ.
We promptly looked up the breed, a sheepadoodle. Old English Sheep Dog/Standard Poodle. The 'designer' breeds are supposed to be great- any poodle mix I have heard great things about. Even though I would never own a straight up poodle! Anywho- we picked out a sweet little guy affectionately dubbed 'Noodle, the sheepadoodle'. He will not be ready until the 21st, but the breeder will hold him until Christmas Eve. He will then spend the night at my In-laws, and after my boys open their presents, daddy will slip out adn go get him, and he shall be the last gift! I am so stinkin excited! I went black friday shopping with the M-I-L ( a much looked forward to yearly tradition) and we picked out fabric for a puppy bed, and toys and a stocking! Yes- a stocking. Okay- if you know me- I am NOYT an animal lover. But Noodle seems to be changing that. Huh- odd the things we do for our hubby and kiddos, eh? Anyways... I. Can. Not. Wait.
Shaun is going through Noodle withdrawl. He says he may have to slip him home on Christmas Eve because he cannot bear to be away from 'his' dog. Uh-huh. Alright- off to bed for me- I think tomorrows post shall be advent related!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chrsitmas decor Series #5- Ballard Inspired Birds

It seems as if the birds are taking over, doesn't it? Everywhere I look it's birds, birds, birds. I am not complaining. I like the little dears. And I really liked these from Ballard.

I have literally looked all over town for wooden dove cutouts to decopouge.
 You. Will. Not. Find. Them.WILL. NOT.
If you do I will either slap you through the screen, or send a high five your way. Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joanns, Wally World, Meijer, I have looked EVERYWHERE I expected to find them and everywhere I didn't expect to find them. My point? I mean beside you NOT finding them?

I found some!


is available from this seller on Ebay

It shipped quickly, and is lovely. It was $1.00, and regardless of quantity you pay $3.00 shipping. Imagine the possibilities with so much lovely Scrap Book paper available!
I will not show you a made one tonight- it's not done, and I'm too lazy excited to show you how I made the other Ballard Inspired ornament!
I decided on twill instead of Burlap- the Burlap in my stash has a rather large weave.
 I used this pattern and altered it a litttle. As in left the tail out...
First- blow it up. I went to 150%
Follow directions #1-3
You should have this

NOW- I got out my twine and made some loops

I stitched my 5 loops together on the sewing machine

I then took my loops and tucked them inside my birds body.

With the seam side sticking out a little.
I sewed my bird all the way 'round EXCEPT for about 1 1/2 inches on his left side.
Turn that bird inside out, and stuff it! Thats right- get your practice in for Turkey day!
Now your darling Mister Birdy needs wings!
Make 3 more loopys

and tie them off. Now tie a knot on the top of the part you just tied to hold firm.

Start winding your twine AROUND the knot, but flat, in a circle. Use a needle and thread to stitch in place.

Make 2, of course, or he will fly in perpetual circles...
Attatch to the sides of Mr. Bird with needle and thread or hot glue.
I painted Mr. Birds eyes and beak on, but Ballard used beads I think... My beads were too little and my buttons too big, so paint it was!
Oh- don't forget to sew that hole up in mr. Birds tummy!

Not bad, eh? i think he is adorable! And would also look cute with numbers on him for the three calling birds... Of course he isn't perfection- I think he's a little big, maybe 125% on the pattern would ahve been better, and he is a little understuffed, easy enough fixed. Mrs. Bird will be darn near perfect!
Okay- NOW I DO plan on wrappng up this series on teh 30th, BUT I wanted to let you all know that on the 11th of December I will be having a Show and Share. (Can you tell I have preschoolers?)
So- show and share party on the 11th- Show me what you've made from this series and share how you have done so, or improved upon the ideas!

Christmas Decor Series #4 - sad to joyous!

How does one take this sad little cupboard door frame and make it happy again?

Well, first you rip off that awful fabric, and paint her heirloom white. Then you rough her up a bit with some heavy duty sandpaper. Sit her aside, and explain you have some prep work to do before her make-over is done.
Then you pick a phrase/verse/quote, etc. Find a font you like and print it off nice and large. Lay the paper BEHIND some fabric of your choosing, and trace that phrase/verse/quote, Unless you are more talented than me and can freehand letters. I. CAN. NOT.  I used a quilting pen that dissapears- genius, eh?

Oops- shes sideways... You get the idea, though, right?
Then get out your trusty thin paint brush and a paint color of your choosing. I went with my new Holiday fave Folk Art Pure Gold.
Paint that font in, and keep your hands steady!

Set aside to dry, and gather your embellsihments. Mine were ribbon from the Dollar Tree that had a fab texture, but cheap looking edges, so I cut off the edges!

Some glittered leaves, and stems of cones and pears, and some greenery.
Get that hot glue gun and have some fun! I didnt take pics at this poitn because, well, I am pretty sure that if you are reading this you are NOT completely craft challenged, AND I was using my industrial strength glue gun, and trying to not melt my fingers off! Yes, industrial strength. Hubby got it for me one year for Christmas, cause my little ones were' cheap and junky'. The directions stated it could cause 2nd degree burns. It does. I know this from experience. I gave it back to him to take to the shop(hes a mechanic). BUT- my lil junkjy cheap one broke,(big surprise, eh?) and well, anywho...
You get the idea- make your embellishments and do somethign like

I cannot wait to show it off when it is in its rightful spot! All in all less than 2 hours, and $4.00..
I have 3 more of those cabinet panels left...
 I think I may turn 2 of them into card display holders, or maybe not...
Where do you find old cabinets? I got mine at the Salvation army for $1.00
The Restore is agreat place for those sorts of things. We have a salvage yard place around here that has all sizes of cabinet doors for $1.00 a piece... But you know- a niec large frame would work well, too! Happy hunting!

P.S. Linking up to DIY day at ASPTL

Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Decor Series #3 AND a giveaway!

I am recuperating from our Utter Chaos thanks be to God, family, prayer and chocolate! It was a rough 5 days with my hubby gone, and after all the other stuff I shared with you, my youngest had a rather scary asthma attack Monday night. I was dialing 911 as I was praying God would open his airways. And God did before I got that second number 1 dialed. He is good, isn't He? I DO apologize for halting my Christmas series for a week, but ya know ladies, my God and my family come before this blog and I couldn't do it all last week! I know I am hearing some 'Amens' on that! Once hubby got home on Tuesday I just needed a few days to veg, unwind, and well, catch up on sleep!
Okay, so, now that I have unwound and slept a little, back to Christmas. I do love the cooking, and baking and sharing of recipes. I love the eating, too. And I can tell about mid January how much I loved it cause my pants always get tight...
So, in honor of the love I have for food, and sweets, I am going to share with you today
 I hope you all love this recipe as much as I do. I got it years ago at a cookie exchange. You know, where you get a bunch of ladies together and swap cookie recipes and cookies, and fill up your tin with 10 kinds of cookies when you only baked one kind? And you EAT, and EAT, and EAT cookies.  I LOVE those! I actually will be having one this year, but back to the recipe I got at the cookie exchange...

(In defense of the scratched chocolate on my cookies... they are all that was left after a mob of chocoalte- craving- women rushed the platter, fighting over the chewy delicious morsels, hence, scratched chocolate...)

Originally called Chocolate Sour Cream Cookies... I think they should be called SOMETHING more divine. Suggestions are very welcome!
Hey- let's do this- A GIVEAWAY!
AFTER you bake them, and eat some,  leave your cookie name suggestion in my comment box, and hubby and I will pick a winner! The Winner will receive this unlined Ballard inspired black and white Damask stocking!

The giveaway ends on the 26th of November.

Okay- heres the recipe!

Mix together and set aside:
4 C. flour
1/4 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda

Cream together:
3/4 C. softened butter
2  C. sugar
3  1 oz. squares of bakers semi sweet chocolate, pre-melted

2 large eggs
2/3 C. sour cream
1 tsp. vanilla

Add dry ingredients slowly and mix until blended.
Roll into 1 inch balls (kids LOVE this!) roll balls in sugar( kids REALLY love this, as they LICK LICK LICK their hands!) and place on cookie sheet. Bake 11 minutes. Let cool 2 minutes before removing to cooling rack.
Makes about 40 cookies...

Okay- so let me describe these cookies. They are like a soft, chewy, sweet cookie/brownie all in one. THE BEST cookies you will ever make. Hands down. BUT if you want to take it one step further, or if it's that time of the month and you NEED chocolate overload, melt some chocoalte bark and DIP THEM. YES, dip them right into that chocoalte and let them cool on wax paper. I am salivating just thinking of the cookies I ate 10 minutes ago. and shaking all over. and salivating some more. I made these for my ladies night last night and well, not many were left.
Enjoy- and don't forget to help me rename my cookie!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Utter Chaos

I was planning on a post yesterday for my Christmas series. Then life happened. LIFE HAPPENED.
 My washer broke, and a burnt belt filled my house with the smell of an electric fire. My dryer is on the way out, too, by the way. My son fell off his bike and had to be taken to the ER for stitches, and to make sure he didn't ahve a concussion.  5 minutes after getting home from the ER my behind our house neighbor calls while I am picking up my other 2 children at the neighbors a street over. She wanted to know what was 'going down' in my front yard'. Neighbor who had my kids hubby took off to see what was going on.  A robber with a gun was going down- literally -because neighbor 2 houses to the left tackled him and neighbor who was watching my kids hubby was also sitting on said robber.
Did I mention my hubby was out of town deer hunting?
 A night of scared children, me not sleeping, bunking out at my inlaws and migraines are what followed. Then a birthday party for child number 1 today.
 I apologize for the interruption of this regularly scheduled program and please stay tuned for Christmas Decor Series Post #3 on Monday.
Yes we have an alarm. Yes Robber is in jail. No, he wasn't trying to rob my house, he robbed a house on neighbor who had my kids street and was cutting through my street when he spooked neighbor 2 doors downs dog. No we don't live in the ghetto- we live in a very nice neighborhood, but with 4 teens that are trouble,  but now are going away for awhile! And no this kid doesnt always pack a gun, he had stolen it from the house he robbed... Now- off for a cup of coffee, a good 'I am so tired and thankful we are all okay' cry, and then to pick up my blessing of a washer and dryer that are being given to us.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Decor Series #2

Todays post is going  out a little late! I was hoping to do a post Every Mon, Wed and Fri morning. Alas, life and children happen. Today I will show you my sweet little Knock Off of Frontgates Manzanita Tree.

I absoloutely fell in love with this tree. It was so cute, and elegant, and DO-ABLE!
 Hubby and I had both looked high and low for dead/dying shrubs at Wally World and Lowes. We looked in the yard for branches that might do and NADA! He mentioned the nursery a mile away from our home and one day I loaded boys #2and #3 in the car and away we went. Courtney, the manager at the nursery, went roaming and found 3 options for me. I was thrilled! You really should go to your local nursery and Beg ask politely if they have any items that they are willing to discount that are dead /dying. You may get lucky and they may give you their trash!

Besides that dead/dying tree you will need
  • white spray paint
  • Folk Art brand acrylics in Inca Gold and True Gold
  • A pot/urn/pail
  • Floral foam
  • Glue gun
  • scissors/pruners
  • Coke/flavored coffee
  • Good music

I started this project by adding yummy creamer to my coffee and turning up the Third day Worship album. I then cleaned the dirt off my trees.

Wow- my water spots were horrid!Anywho- rinse, rinse and rinse some more!

Get your fingers in there and pull at the roots to loosen the ret of the soil.

Take some scissors or pruners and snip away the escess.

By now your little tree should look like this. If it has some funky branches just prune away.
Want a topiary instead? Go for it!

And your sink probably looks something like this. Please clean it up before you move on.

At this point if your tree was somewhat alive you could  hang it outside upside down for 5-7 days to dry. OR you could just spray paint it white like I did. After the spray paint dried I took these paints

Inca Gold and true Gold and I mixed them together about 50/50

Some of you are wondering- WHY didn't she just spray it gold? Because I could not find the right color. Seriously. The Rustoleum gold was too light, and sheerish. Krylon had champagney-ish colors...
So I then brush painted the entire tree. Sounds like a lot of work- it wasn't.
It took maybe 20 minutes. And was quite relaxing. Now- are you asking WHY paint it white first? Well- so glad you did ask! Thats so you can see easily where you may have missed spots! Genius, eh?
Hang this little booger upside down to finish drying.

And the next day- or an hour later if you are impatient like me go get her and your glue gun, urn and floral foam.

Squish your tree right in the center of your foam like so.
Hold her steady and GLUE! Hold until the glue dries. Glue around the edge, and under any roots that are a little up off of the foam- fill those cracks with glue!

Squish your foam into your base.

Now you have this.

Pat yorself on the back and get a refill of rasberry delight coffee, or pour another Coke!

Take some floral moss and spray paint that white. Once it dries take your golds mixed together, pour them on your moss OVER a sink or paper plate and rub the gold into your moss.

 Stretch out and let dry on that paper plate and then place/glue around your tree.

The end result?


I LOVE the elegant milk glass base.



Needing birds for your tree? Well, they cost a fortune online. BUT Wal-mart has 6 glass birds with clips on silver or green for $5.99. Theya re mid sized and look as nice as the ones Frontgate is offering. Joanns had some little birds- 3 for $9.99, but they are on sale 50% of- or just use your coupon.
I found these little guys at the dollar tree 3 for $1.00.

This next pompous lovely was $2.00 at Micheals on sale

She may be a little large for my tree, but will go great in my mantle swag!

This  red one was fall clearance- .75 centses gals! and a little glue to help her wing...

While I prefer the glass ones, and may get some in the future, I did want you to know your options.

Made Blessed Mama Way the total cost of my project...

  • Urn- free, from my stash.

  • Paint,  free from my stash

  • Tree, it was free! (Go smile sweetly at the nursery staff! AND take your cute well behaved kids!)

  • Moss, free from my stash

  • Birds $1.75

  • Floral foam $1.00 for 4 squares at Dollar tree

  • Glue and gun- Free

My version? $2.75 plus tax and time.


Frontgates Version? $99.50 for the tree.

Birds? They had 3 sets in their tree at $89.50-109.50 PER SET OF SIX!!!!!!!!!!

Total cost $388.00  plus 10 percent of the order total...

$427.00 Smackaroos

AND this tree isn't even available until December 4th!

Now that I've shown you how to, please go save yourself the total cost of this years Christmas gifts for your children,  hubby, a needy family and Great Aunt Sally!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Todays post is not about a craft, or decor or Knock out Knock off you can do along with me- that will be tomorrow. Todays post is about Giving. I hadn't planned on this post, but the circumstances that are bringing it about have been dumped in my lap and I must share. At Christmas the 'giving' and 'Goodwill toward men' seems to take a step up, does it not? People are more willing to help places like Meals on Wheels and give to  Food Pantries. Then theres the bell ringing in front of Wally World and well, practically every grocery in America! I love teaching my children what that bell ringer is for, and giving them money to put in the bucket. Or picking out gifts for Toys For Tots, or putting together that Shoe box for operation Christmas CHild. This year Jacksons class is doing 2 shoe boxes. The children are responsible for shipping costs, and were encouraged to do chores to earn the money. He winterized our sandbox and helped Grandad clean out the sheds. I was proud for my son to see that working to help others is something God desires. Then, on our way home from a wonderful trip to see the Bonsai exhibit at the Gardens/Zoo we saw something that still brings tears to my eyes. A little old lady down the street and around the corner from us holding on to her walker with one hand and a leaf blower with the other. It was a 70 degree day. Plenty of people were coming and going from their homes. Children were running and biking amok. And no one lifted a hand? No one? Not her neighbors on either side of her? How sad. No young man saw this as he was enjoying the day with his friends and insisted that he help?
Shaun promptly dropped me and my 2 youngest off at home and took Jackson to her home. An hour and a half later they came back. It turns out this poor dear lady has no children. Which of course equals no grandchildren. No family left alive, she takes care of her ailing husnabd who is 93. Who takes care of her? No one. Last year another man down the street snowblowed her drive, without asking, and then demanded money. What a pathetic thing to do- take advantage of an old lady and her ailing husband and for what MONEY?
As my husband was telling me about this woman and her husband my mind was spinning with ideas of GIVING in our own neighborhood! She is Japanese, he is German. Her entire yard is gardens- paved, railroad ties, cobblestone and gardens. She cannot find someone to weed, and she can no longer do as much. Enter my sons! My husband said they will be spending quite a bit of time down there helping. I wonder if she needs help going to the store, or someone to buy her items for her. As we were discussing this last night with my inlaws, and the advent family countdown we will be doing,  Brian, My 16 yr old B-I-L mentioned wheeler mission and taking the kids there to serve for the holidays. I politely pointed out that many people get the 'help the homeless' bug around the holidays but what about the dear lady and her hubby down the street? I called another neighbor also doing the advent and suggested we get the children together and make cookies or something sweet, and cards, maybe even dinner for these folks and take it to them. I wonder- wouldn't the holidays be lonely? Or every day life for that matter,  without family?
So- I would encourage you to give of yourself- not just at Christmas but throughout the year. Find a family in your own backyard so to speak, or a shut in at your church. Have your children step in and step up and teach them to be compassionate and caring and giving so that on a nice day when they are on their bikes and see what we saw they will automatically stop and help. What will you do to give of yourself this year?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas Decor series #1

Hello there and thanks for joining me as I begin my first series! I am so excited to start this! I hope you find great ideas for your home, for gifts, and ideas that encourage your creative side, that you can get lost in. For me creating is like a day at the spa. I just NEED it! Um, wait- I've never had a day at the spa...
Anywho-I don't know about you but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the holidays. I love that the greatest gift to ever be given has already been given, and TO ME, I love the food, my F-I-L's homeade toffee, the extra time with family and friends, the shine in my kids eyes as we go through our traditions, and they open presents. I love the decor. I LOVE THE DECOR. Have I mentioned that I LOVE THE DECOR!? I usually pour through magazines for inspiration, and books, and blogs, too. As my children have gotten older (who am I kidding 6, 5, and 3 is NOT old?!?!) I do have more time on my hands for my decorating (thank God for first grade and part time preschool!) and project making. I also don't have to worry about little ones crawling everywhere and trying to eat my stuff. Or slam it on the ground. Or throw it across the room. In our adorable little 1600 square foot -1 living room -eat in kitchen -cape cod I don't have a 'Mommas parlor stay the heck out' kinda place. (I'm not sure I would even WANT one of those!) So, this being said,  Christmas 2009 marks the first year that I am going ALL OUT in my Christmas decor. All out doesnt mean expensive.
ALL OUT to me means beautiful, and not one speck of decoratable space left out of the Holiday spirit! ALL OUT to me means enjoying myself as I go through the process, making my home more enjoyable for those that enter it, and for those that live here. After all, I am not only a Blessed Mama but a Home Blesser, and I want to, through Gods grace, be a Home Blesser Extroidonaire! ALL OUT to me means beautifully livable. PLEASE eat at my table, PLEASE put your feet on my $8.00 coffee table, PLEASE stink up my bathroom(just use the spray when you are done and turn on the fan, thank you very muchly) PLEASE eat seconds of my pumpkin and turtle cheesecakes and hot cocoa!
So- Join me as I go ALL OUT this year!

My first DIY project is a knock off of this gorgeous , pulchritudinous, swoon worthy, squeal evoking  garland from Ballard Designs. For $39.00 plus shipping you get 27 feet of garland.

One look and I just knew I had to make one. I searched buttons high and low. I purchased mine on Ebay
from this seller. For $4.99 plus shipping I received 300 mother of pearl buttons in 3 sizes.

(This is the BACK of the buttons- the shiny mother of pearl kept messing with my flash.)

There were auctions for lots of vintage buttons on ebay, and maybe you could find some at Goodwill, your local flea market or antique mall. Maybe mom or grandma or geat aunt Penny has a jar of buttons laying around? I didn't want to drive all over town lookiong for buttons and DID want all mother of pearl ones So I took the quickest way out, and ordered them online. It did take about 2 weeks for them to arrive, they ship from Hong Kong I believe- so order now girls! I DO wish I had ordered all the same size BUT it still worked out nicely. If you go to Joanns or Hobby Lobby be prepared to pay out the wazoo for buttons. I have found large bags of buttons for $4.00 in the scrapbooking section but they are plastic and more suited for a little girls room garland. Hey- there is an idea! Wouldn't this be adorable in pinks and purples and greens  in your daughters room? I've always wanted to decorate a little girls room!

Okay- off the rabbit trail and back to the main objective here!

At Walmart I bought 2 spools of this ribbon

in cream for $0.47 each. It was 10 yards/30 feet. I then proceeded to pick a Sunday afternoon when Hubby was watching football and sit on the couch with him and thread all 300 buttons onto my ribbon.
 I twisted the end like so

(Yes that is gold acrylic paint on my thumb nail. No- I do not have nice nails. God blessed me with creative ability and fab cooking skills to make up for my thin, always breaking nails)

and pulled it throughThe BOTTOM of the button on one hole, like so

 over the top and throught the other side.

I slid it FAR down the ribbon and kept sliding, until it was about half way done my length. I then repeated the process. Many. Many. MANY. times. Then half way through your button stash, start at the other end and repeat. Many. Many. MANY times.Why the half way? Because your ribbon will start to get worn if you thread 300 buttons down the same piece 300 times before you get to the last one!
Decide before if you want your buttons right next to each other, or maybe a little space in between. The space -in-between-approach will obviously allow you a longer garland using less buttons. You have to work at keeping your ribbon untangled. I suggest stretching it out on the floor by you, and keeping the pets away! (And Kids) My boys helped me stretch and straighten mine out when it got tangled up a bit... This is tedious. It takes MANY buttons. I ordered 300 more...And those I got for $2.99! I bought more ribbon. I sat and twisted and pulled. You can be anal like me and make sure all of your buttons face the same way. Although when you hang it they still won't. (See pic below!)I knotted each end of my garland and she was done. To keep it from getting tangled into oblivion and me getting uber frustrated I hung her on a hanger in my coat closet.You could go for wider ribbon and sew them on, or hot glue them (Nester would LOVE that idea!)- that would be fast, and would work well with the wider ribbon- because let's face it-
who WANTS to sew 300 buttons onto a ribbon by hand?
Jewelry making wire would work, or even thin twine or hemp. Lovely. Like a burlap effect.

The end result of my garland?

She speaks for herself. And quite loudly I may say.

Isnt it BEE-YOU-TEA-FULL???!!!???!!!
 And this is just on the little tree inspired by Frontgate. (I gave you a sneak peek of my next post, because I am thoughtful like that)
 I cannot wait to add it to my mantel swag and my big green tree!  I am giddy just thinking about it! Why,  you ask, do I not have a picture of it on my big tree? Because it is still the 1st week of November as I write this and I Do not put up my tree THAT early. Other stuff, yes- tree has to go up AFTER turkey day!
Total cost? $9.86 before shipping.And remember I got TWICE the amount of garland for my money! And had leftover little buttons for my envelope advent garland as well as future projects...(or mini button garlands for mini trees...)
I will be linking this Series up to several par-tays (say it out loud with me in a  Highpitched enthusiastic voice!)
And possibly more to come as we go along!

Quite the satisfying decor project if I do say so myself- Now go forth and buy yourselves some buttons girls and deck those halls!