Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm BAAACK! Sort of.

Hello all of you out there! I think it's been about 2 1/2 months since my last post. Hmm... Time flies is all I
can say! I just don't have time for regular posts right now. I barely have time to do projects. Why so busy? Well- lets see. Between being a care group leader in MOPS, head room mom for one kid, doing Bible Study Fellowship, boy scouts, hubby having 2 meetings a week, couponing, and helping others coupon, teaching Sunday School, various committees at church... I am really just BUSY. It's okay- I like it. I really do. But I cannot blog, and refinish furniture and doors right now, too.
I think the craziest thing in all of this is half day Kindergarten. I. don't. like. it. Can I get an amen?!?!?! I mean- I am in the car CONSTANTLY!!! I think my next kid will go all day, and then I'll sub part time to pay for it, lol but seriously- that is really keeping me busy with all the broken up days and runnign back and forth. oh- and I hopefuly wil begin subbing on Fridays soon. WHEW! In the midst of all of this I have managed a few things. I have stained the top of our stairs, and am currently painting the 'kickers', I have made knock off Pottery barn sweater pillows for $0.50 each, and ive made some more anthro knock offs. I have stained about 400 feet of trim, but haven't put it up yet, haha. And I managed to fly to Maryland
 BY MYSELF for 4 days to see my ailing grandma, and visit the Holocaust Museum in D.C. with Poppa. Ill add some eye candy in, maybe link up to a party or two... We shall see.
Mine. $7.00
Theirs.  Necklace $38.00 Shirt $ 58.00
total $96.00
Mines not perfect, but I have had several people ask where I bought it when I am wearing it.It looks adorbale with a long sleeved cream shirt underneath, and long slouchy boots! :-)