Monday, December 14, 2009

In awe

Can I tell you all how amazed, excited and flabberghasted I am at your sweet commetns about my Christmas Decor? Seriously! I mean it. You see- where you guys see beauty I see chole.sputter.cough.hack. subfloors.
Where you all see a tree skirt worthy of compliment I see that I cannot.drape.garland. and more subfloors.missingbaseboards.
God is SO teaching me patience and true beauty gals. If you are new to my blog let me tell you it's been one heck of a year, or two or 6. Last MARCH we had a flood caused by our youngest, some poo, a faulty toilet, and a washcloth. (NEVER leave a decorative bowl of rolled up washcloths on the back of your toilet when theres a 2 yr old around!) Anywho- we had a rather large insurance claim and began tearing into the house. I got EXCITED. Understatement ladies. Then life happened. Our van got crushed, and somehow when we added it to the insurance 4 months prior and just told them to SWITCH our current coverage amounts they left off the comprehensive. Dear hubby somehow missed that in the paperwork. OOPS. UNDERSTATEMENT. So- all that nice new flooring? On hold. My couch reupholstering? on Hold. I got mad. Understatement. The medical bills kept pouring in, my hubby took a 15% paycut,  etc, etc, etc. I do not blog this to complain, or air our laundry so to speak. This is our reality. And it flat out SUCKED! Yet I was reminded that what Satan meant for our harm, God meant for good. Not at first of course. I was hacked off. I wanted MY hosue to look MY way. NOW. After all, I'd waited so long. My kids were getting bigger- it was time to do these things and have more ME time. Self. Self. Icky sticky sinful fleshy self! Thankfully God didn't leave me in my mad.raging.spooiledbrat.can't. have. my. floors. NOW. way.
I am learning so much. We as a husband and wife have grown so much closer, and have seen how every tiny or not so tiny event in our lives has had a purpose to mold us and make us more Christlike. I was actually considering not posting Christmas Tour photos because of the backgrounds of my pictures. I was wishing for amazing photoshop skills, or heck, to actually HAVE photo shop! For awhile I didnt want to have company over. But then I realized thats crazy! Shallow. So what if I am on subfloors for now? Yes, its been 9 months. But my house is clean. My cooking, or so I have heard, is company worthy. And I have come to realize many people get the whole new floors vs. a new car (we are currently sharing 1 car) and if they don't so what. God gets it, He gets my heart, I know what he is asking of me. And asking me to wait until next month or February isn't THAT big of a deal. I think Dave Ramsey would agree?...Thanks for seeing the beauty not the unfinished floors, gals! May God continue to mold me and make me more like Him! Amen? Amen.


The Style Sister said...

You are one of the winners of my chocolate giveaway!! Congratulations. Email me at with your mailing address so we can ship out your chocolates. Oh and let us know which chocolate prize you want. I am so excited for you!!


Anonymous said... are a great person, wife, mother, are very talented and I tell ya that all the time. You could literally never get new flooring and your home would still be inviting. Your kids could flood your home and they are still the MOST well behaved, sweet, respectful kids. Don't be so hard on yourself! You are great! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh and PS..I totally know how ya feel..we've had a HUGE hole dug for our add on since yard looks like Sanford & Sons, and I pray every day for us to have the means to get going on this house. It will come. I just can't WAIT until it's finished ;) Hopefully this will be our year girlfriend, LOL

Casey (again) catching up on blogs, lol