Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Oh- i have found the BEST new blog!!!! Check out The Graphics Fairy. You won't regret it! Thsi woman has AMAZING vintage graphics- FREE! FREE! FREE! I have so many project ideas inside my head right now I am litterally twitching. If only I had an ink cartridge in my computer! Okay- I'll have one tonight but STILL!
I have actually opened up a new folder on my computer for graphics to craft with. Yup. I know- Im a geek, a nerd. I don't care. Seriously. i am planning on making the stinkenest cutest halloween art for my home EVER!!! Watch out Martha- here I come! On another note I am head room mom in my sons class and have to plan a FALL party- no halloweenish anything... Maybe I should focus on that instead of THIS! And uh- a lasagna needs put together. okay Okay- Off to my mommy/wife/teachers helper chores...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Of Armoires and some pictures

I am listening to a snoring child, a wiggly child, and Praise Music. My dear friend Amy and her hubby are on their 10th Anniversary weekend getaway and I have the privilege of having their girls. I've painted fingers and toes, snuggled little girls and held their hands as we walk along the driveway. It's been fun borrowing girls. My house is a little more balanced out- the estrogen is ALMOST at the same levels of testosterone around here! Crazy, huh?
So- About that armoire that my man was making new...
If you have kids you KNOW that silence is not golden- it means your kids have found a golden opportunity to get away with something. Until you notice the silence that is. I think it's the same with our men. Seriously. i think it's a male thing. Silence, DEAD silence means they are weighing their options- thinking things through- Like how to best blow up the frog in the microwave. Or how to sneak the scissors outside to kill bees without momma noticing. Or how to fix the hole in the wall that they made when doing only God knows what. Or how to fix this...

Yes- that is several heck, whose kidding, TONS of NAILS in the side of my ARMOIRE! And not just one side- OH NO! BOTH SIDES!!!!!! I walked back inside after going "OH! Oh. Oh! Dear God HOW? Um. Um. Oh."

I heard my F-I-L say "Sarah- come here!" I thought- yeah right! Let me dry the tears first! Shaun promptly put his arms around me and just held me. I told him long ago that many things can be taken care of with a hug, hold approach- don't try and fix it- just shut up and hug me! He did. Lesson learned after 9 years...
George said something along the lines of rebuilding the sides. i saw disaster. Shaun said something I dont know what and George then said something about when we upgrade our t.v. this piece is going to be useless anyways. WHAT!?!?! USELESS!?!?! IDIOT!!!!!
He OBVIOUSLY doesn't read dec blogs, or dec ANYTHING!
I said lets pound those nails back through and stain over the top. They said'Hm'. Shaun was smart enough to promptly do it, all the while telling me how sorry he was.

And it all worked out in the end!

i know they felt awful! They had measured correctly but one of them , I wont name who, although you thought he would know better because he IS older, decided to put the nails into the groove of the bead board so they wouldn't show as much. Ha-Ha-Ha. They showed all right! But now shes up and so is my tassel.

I love it! And she will never be useless! One day she may hold my jewelry and sweaters or my craft stuff, but she will never be tossed out! I debated over painting her. I know- some of you are thinking DO IT! And the rest of you are going- DON'T! And for now- she shall stay. Hubby likes the wood and I actually like the finish on this one. I don't know- we shall see...
On another note our dinner and dance was fun! Some chick grabbed hubsters buns,seriously grabbed- like a double grab, oops sorry, grab the other cheek squeeze grab! I'll attribute her bahaviour to the open bar. We got to slow dance and flirt like kids, and the food was actually delicious! I know he's hot- but he's mine so don't get any ideas ladies!

After coming home j and I had some silly snugly time on the couch -all in all a great night!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dinner and dancing!

So tonight I get to go out with my hubby for a work dinner and dance. I have agonized over my outfit like a girl in highschool, bought some sexy thigh highs for under my skirt (seriously I couldn't even FIND pantyhose in my drawer...) and looked at boots at 4 stores. The boots didn't come home with me, but I DO have $45.00 more in savings. Sigh. DANG YOU DAVE RAMSEY!!!!!!! I shall wear my old(er) pointy toes sling back heels. And I shall eat and dance and enjoy every moment. And I SHOULD be getting ready...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My husband and F-I-L are in the garage fixing my armoir. My children are building legos and playing nicely and my dishes are done. So is my laundry. Hate me. Go ahead. I just heard my 6 year old say 'I decorated a guy- you decorate a guy(as in lego guys) then I, then you, and then we'll both have decorated 2 guys! I am SO rubbing off on that kid!
I made my first tassel thsi week. It will go on my armoir so you will have to wait for the reveal! I likes it, but am not giddy over it. And thats okay- there will be others I am sure. Okay- off to see what's going on- its WAY too quiet in the garage all of the sudden!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall dec

I gave in to the creative bug bite today. I painted, myself and my pumpkins, I tweaked, I adjusted and looked and tweaked again and this is what I came up with...

A vintage metal basket full of fresh crisp apples.

My Roadkill Rescued piled with frames that are to be filled with personalized art from my Etsy shop- -and pumpkins that got a coat of paint, candle pillars I LOVE LOVE LOVE and some yard findings that got blessed with a coat of cream paint.

i TRIED to make the little silver gourds and punkins look like this

But it was a disaster! I had no silver or hammered finish spray paint, so alas they stayed silver!

The other half of my Roadkill with the after of my monogram picture

Here's the before... Not that it's horrible- it just didn't go with my colors... Now it does!

The table scape in front of the window I am not quite sold on-

It has more color only because, well, I couldn't quite bring myself to paint an apple black... Sigh... I know I painted a pumpkin black, why not an apple? I don't know- I just couldn't do it! And I thought those curtains needed a little red next to them! They get lonely...I just may change all of this next week...

Even my fireplace got a nice little addition of a whimsical wire basket full of fresh pears- THANK YOU MORRIS!

Now after checkign my post I realize I forgot to windex my fireplace...and oh yeah- Brenster says hi!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The itches

It's Sunday morning and my children are watching Scooby-Doo. I am playing in Blog land, looking at fall and Christmas decor and getting the itches, jonesing, monkey on the back, craving soome creative release today. I have a need to do something. I think I shall climb into my attic and see what I can find to remake lovely, or new to me, etc. My wheels are a turnin'!

I Do get recreate this afternoon when my F-I-L gets home. See- Last night was my birthday celebration. And my inlaws bought me... MY ARMOIR!

When I say my armoir I mean this piece that has been sitting for at least a year in a garage 3 streets over only to be dusted off and brought out 5 times a year for a garage sale. This piece I have measured and alas it was too little for our old t.v. BUT NOT OUR NEW ONE! They wanted $75.00. I say NO WAY! They took $30.00 after I told them how much work would go into revamping it, etc and that I had seen it outside for at least a year and wouldn't they just love to have the extra space in their garage again? He-he. So she came home- She's so heavy I cannot even budge her! And shes practically perfect. Heres her biggest flaw!
Which is easily hidden...
Inside she has a record player- yes VINYL FOLKS! And stereo. Those will be coming out to the dissapointment of the Hubster. The top shelf will remain however.
She has some mud on her legs from being in the garage for so long, but thats okay. Give me alittle Old English scratch cover and a damp rag and she will look NEW!!!!
So today I will have pics up of her in my living room, and I shall be listing my old t.v. stand thingy on Craigs list. Any takers? Solid wood, meduim oak finish, 2 cabinets... $20.00

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ramblings of a tired wife/momma

I know I haven't blogged in about a week... I've been busy. Busy with children, busy with the house, busy getting my little Etsy business going (6 sales in less than 2 weeks... NOT BAD!)And being a little lazy, too. Wednesday was my birthday and I took the day off. I sewed, read, played in the sandbox with kids, made breakfast for dinner, and even though I loaded the dishwasher and picked up the kitchen I still left the stack of pans till morning. GASP! Yes, I left my pans till morning!

Thursday I spent at J's school helping his teacher and loving it! Ive taught MOPS classes, Kindergarten Sunday school and aided in Kindergarten so a bunch of first graders don't scare me! I love being with my son, getting to know his friends and teacher and the rest of the teachers. His teacher is a doll! She barely speaks above a whisper yet has complete control and the respect of her class. On my way out that first day I got lots of' can you come backs?' You are fun! We like you! And a little guy very enthusiastically pumping his thumbs up in the air saying 'Mrs Cain you ROCK!' J said he loved getting to give me hugs and kisses whenever and when he came home he said 'Mom- Teagan said You're hot. Whats that mean?' Nothing like a bunch of little kids to boost the I- just -turned -29- years -old- last -week- self esteem. When a parent meets a child for lunch that child can picka friend to join him and his parent up on the stage for lunch. J chose a little boy named who we will call A. As we chatted i found out A had 4 siblings, he was the youngest and lived with mom and an aunt. I asked if his Dad lived close by, assuming its a split family with shared custody.



'No- he got sent far away because of what he did to us.'


'Oh', I smile nicely, and open my mouth to ask Dallas what he likes to do at home
after school. I don't get that far.

'He choked my mom and tried to hurt me when I was a baby'. Totally matter of fact, unashamed and informative.

J 'Why would he do that?!'

Me- 'Well, sweetie, some people are just bad. (Dallas nods head emphatically)
It's hard to understand but not everyone is nice to their family. Dallas I am so glad that you and your mommy are okay.'(Thinking- subject change, subject change, awkward awkward poor little boy poor mom.)

A- My mom had twenty sisters.

Me- 12?

A- no 20, two zero 20. They had 3 kids in every bedroom. It was squished.

Me thinking( 3 kids per room, 21 kids, 7 kids bedrooms, 1 for adults. Sounds like the Duggars! Wait- I read a book about Polygamy recently- NO. Nuh-uh.)

A- yep, alot of people in 1 house.

me- So was there only 1 mommy then? Thats alot of kids for 1 mommy.

A- 'No, there were 2 mommies.'

Me- And 2 daddies right?

A- No. 1 daddy, 2 mommies, 20 sisters.

J- Can we get your phone number, I want you to come play.
(I had found out his mom and aunt are renting a home in our neighborhood)

A- No, I can't give it out. My mom doesn't want anyone getting her phone number.

Me thinking (well if you are hiding from an attempted murderer AND on the run from the FLDS CULT OF COURSE you don't want anyone getting your phone number!)

But maybe it was an orphanage his mom grew up in and when I meet her we shall have a good laugh over my ASS-U-ME-ption that she was in some witness protection plan or underground railroad for ex -culties or battered wives. Maybe just maybe Ive been reading too many biographies on ex-polygamists and serial killers. Or maybe not. I shall however pray for this child, his family, and keep my eyes and heart open to oppurtunity!

Let's see... On another note... I had a blast the other night bargain shopping with my birthday money. I found me some black skinny jeans! Woot! Woot! And some killer shoes! I LOVE shoes. Especially at clearance, + 40% MORE off PLUS PLUS PLUS BOGO! I brought home some bright rich lipstick red patent flats, some adorable black and white peeptoe heels with a black buckle, some mustard yellow leather flats and some black patterned flats with an awesome flower/viny modernish vintage mix print in like 30 great colors. Yes, I bought 4 pair of shoes for UNDER $20.00! Don't hate. Be happy for me, ladies.
I also brought home some vintage appeal jewlery. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Charlotte Russe jewelry. And a couple of shirts. I seriously look forward to birthday money all year. It's the one time I can go out and drop money on me and choose to not think that I need or should spend it elsewhere. We celebrate with the Hubbys fam tomorrow. I have requested a chocolate orange layer cake. Wait- back to that shopping and all year thing. 29. 29. 29. 29.
Ladies- I am reaching that um, age.
What age? THAT age. The age where you start to think- is this look too young for me? Gasp. I said it out loud. I mean it though. You know- I try to look classy and sassy and cute. I do often shop Juniors (SHUT UP! I did NOT HEAR THAT!) and well, there will come a day when Juniors is no longer an option. While I am LIGHT YEARS and I do mean LIGHT YEARS away from Alfred Dunner(gag me with a maggoty spoon!) I do want to make sure I am not looking like that woman who, is although young by many standards, isn't 16 anymore. Maybe it's not my age but my lifestyle. I mean hollywood women in their 40's wear things I wouldnt dream of walking out of the house in. Maybe it's because I have a husband and children and most of all WHO I represent that has me thinkig these things. I have come to realize a man appreciates a classy woman so much more than a woman dressed like a streetwalker. I am amazed at how many men find a classy woman more attractive than a trashy, bare it all woman. And even more amazed at how many men say classy is sexier than skin bared all over.... And how many men say how unattractive it is for a woman to dress like a highschool girl...
Okay- Ive rambled enough. It must be the late hour(or maybe the White russian?;-)
Of to bed- MAYBE mu kids will sleep in tomorrow??????

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Roadkill rescue!

So- I went for a walk with my dear neighbor today. Quintin road his 2 wheeler like the pro that he is. As we rounded the corner I saw it! Or 1/2 of it peeking out from another piece of junk. Yes-n some things ARE junk- and those if us that thrift, refurbish, and repurpose know junk when we see it! And we also know treasure when we see it. And here is some treasure folks!

I spent the day cleaning it out and using it to hold all of my craft/business/sewing/embellishment STUFF. Or should I say i spent the day cleaning out my stuff and throwing away/sorting, etc. If you ever need scrap fabric I have LOADS I mean LOADS of it!
I shall redo her soon, but for now she is making a lovely spot, all nice and in 1 place for my things.
As far as my business goes check out my shop on Etsy. Just opened up this week!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

YRC man of the Year...

Or just my Man! He-he! So- a couple of months ago my Hubbies shop was featured in the YRC World magazine. A photographer came to the shop and took pictures. According to my hubby and father in law he took TONS of pics of Shaun- followed him around so much the other guys were teasing him about his 'new boyfriend.' The photographer thought it was cool that Shaun and his dad worked in the same shop, and that his dad has worked for the company for so long. A month later the magazine is published and Shaun is on the cover! Seriusly! It's not the greatest picture of my man- but he made the cover.

Then the guys at work decided to have a little fun with it...

Gotta love Photoshop, and the J.C. Penney underwear catalogue. He was presented his framed award at the morning pre-shift meeting.

A week ago his boss handed him a copy of an email from some of the women in Sioux falls. The gist? They want to know more about the 'YRC cutie' Shaun, etc. There were more pictures of my man circulating somewhere and these ladies liked his hair and eyes. A week after THAT my hubby is asked to sign a talent release allowing YRC to use his pictures... And tomorrow is his 'photo shoot'. Seriously, they are coming back for more photos of him!
I never knew I'd marry someone famous! Maybe YRC would be interested in this photo...
I kinda like the Locust in the hair... You?

Sunday, September 6, 2009


September 6th 2006...
I was large, eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel with my hubby and middle son. I had taken my hospital bag JUST IN CASE I went into labor(I was due the day before) and after breakfast these pictures were taken on Cracker Barrels porch.

When we wree ready to leave we realized we had locked the keys in the car! I panicked- what if I went into labor and didnt have my copy of my birth plan? What if I didnt have my c.d.'s and my makeup? And MY CAMERA????????
An hour later, and a AAA agent to thank, we were heading home and I decided after cleaning house that a nap was in order. I woke up in labor at 4:27. At 7:20ish we headed to the hospital after I had walked up and down my steps and soaked in a warm bath with a peanut butter sandwich floating in a tupperware container (just in case I got hungry)
I remember too many nurses in the delivery room, and one frantic one in particular that did not like that I decided to labor in the shower instead of the bed.

"Mrs. Cain I'd feel better if you were out here on the bed" Nurse Judy said.

"Well, I'm the one in labor and I feel better in here!"

I never did come out of the shower for her to put an I.V lock in and she refused to come INTO the bathroom to do it... Oh well- I didnt want a needle in me anyways...

I remember feeling GOOD- yes GOOD about this labor. For 6 months I had been worried about my baby. I had preterm labor issues from weel 13. We had lost 2 children before Quintin, and the loss of little Evan was still quite the source of grief and pain. I had been told my baby wouldnt make it, he would be early, he would be sick, maybe 6 lbs tops, etc.

Here my son was a DAY LATE just to show those docs that GOD was in charge and HIS timing was perfect!
I remember the resident getting out the squat bar, and me leaning over, I remember smiling as I pushed, true story, and I remember Doc coming in, with the frantic nurse Judy asking in the background 'WHAT DO WE DO?!?!? WHAT DO WE DO?!?!?!?!

Geeze lady! I'M the one in labor, WITH NO MEDS, and I'M the calm one? WHERE did You go to school?????

I remember doc saying 'WHATEVER THE HELL SHE WANTS TO DO JUDY! (exasperated and gruffly) Women have been having babies for thousands of years! She waves arm my way "Like THIS???" Doc laughed and said YES!

I remember reachign down and feeling my sons fuzzy little head, and I remember his first cry. It was 8:33 PM 3 hours and 54 minutes after my first pain. I remember hearing a nurse say 'He has red hair!" and I know I was smiling ear to ear. He was crying, he was ALIVE, he was 7lbs 15.4 ounces! He was healthy!


I cannot believe he is 3 already. My baby. He was dubbed the 'Jolly baby' by Amy and her hubby. And it's true. he is quite Jolly. If Santa and Mrs. Clause had a son this kiddos personality would fit the mold! He has an infectious giggle and laughs often over nothing and everything. He truly added JOY to our home in a way that balances out my serious older son and quiet middle son. His run is hilarious- think of the Jello wiggle room diet commercials.... His whole body jellos when he runs! i love it! He's got a very thankful heart and is always thanking me for the dinners I cook, even if he doesn't like it. His current fave color is pink. He loves to 'rock out' and knows he is adorbale. He smiles that smile and shakes his head 'yes' emphatically while wiggling his eyebrows when wanting something he KNOWS he's not going to get- as if he could turn the tide with his adorableness. God has blessed our family with 3 perfectly wonderful sons and on this day we thank Him for giving Quin to us for another year!