Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bathroom dillemma

I am trying to finish my bathroom. Ya know- the one that our flood started in? Yup- I have a shower curtain to finish, and art to pick out and so forth. And i have decorators block. Seriously- My shower curtain - Im just not feeling it. I think it needs some foo-fooey- girly- girl trimmings. And as for my walls- well I WAS going to put up one of these
But now i am not so sure. I am also debating the art...
Heres some options- all from the Graphics Fairy
Option 1- a mix of all or some of these...

Option 2... I do love these peacocks- not sure why they jsut make me giddy

I am thinking of swapping out birds for bugs in the summer... I know- birds are summery- but bugs are fun, too and I cannot decide!
I DO like this little sign- I can make something similiar to hang layered on my shutter towel bar...

And I def want to make some little sachets and soaps with these amazing labels!

a href="">

So- what is your vote? Peacocks? Birds with eggs? OR

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