Monday, October 12, 2009

Plan ahead gal

I won my ebay auction! What auction you ask? An auction of 300 Mother of pearl buttons. As one of my facebook friends asked- "WHAT are you going to do with 300 buttons!?"

Why- make this of course! Thank you Ballard Designs for the garland inspiration.

Not that theirs were TOO pricey- but $5.00 for 300 buttons isn't bad... Add Ribbon at .50cents per roll and I have me some inexpensive yet classy Christmas decor. I shall post pics when it is done. I also found this tree at for $98 smackaroos.

Wouldn't she look lovely in a fancy mini Urn tabletop size? With vintage glass birds in her branches? Maybe even in Silver? Like a frosty night? Or the aftermath of an ice storm? My man suggested I go to the Garden center and buy a dead shrub for "next to nothing or heck, they might even GIVE it to you!". I thinks I shall!

Why am I obsessed with Christmas NOW? I don't know- this is the plan ahead gal you're reading about.
 I had my birth plans written at the end of my first trimester. I had my bags packed for the hospital at 24 weeks. Really. I lived out of my little travel bag- and all my makeup went back in it every day after I put my face on. I planned my friends baby shower 4 months before she was having it. Really- I think I drove her nuts telling her to GO REGISTER ALREADY so I can print stuff up!!!!!! I already have had presents bought for Christmas since summer, and I plan a Thanksgiving menu in October. See- I have 3 small boys. And something never fails to happen at the oddest time. Like a broken arm, a cold, asthma attack, etc  etc.

SO- my theory is that even though I may have X amount of time to finish X task- WHAT IF? Not that I am worried, don't take it that way- i just like to be prepared. I hate rushing around and not doing things right because I didn't plan ahead and X happened and X is now not going to happen...Get it?


So- Seeing as I will be sewing/crafting/gluing my Christmas decor Now really IS the time to plan!

I also think I am going to change out my pillow covers with a neutral pallette to really soften thigns up. Check these out -Jen from Sanctuary Arts at Home sells them- I love how simply elegant they are! So linens and Burlap and Buttons it probably will be amidst silver, gold and greenery.
 Now I'm off to lay on the couch with my 3 yr old and watch some Scooby Doo- I'm sick and need the rest!

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