Monday, October 5, 2009

HELP! I am a Blogger Newbie and Blogger challenged!

Okay- My title says it all. I NEED your help! WHY do I have the little screwdriver and wrench on my homepage? WHY can't I get rid of that hideous orange stripe of an add for Pyzam? How do y'all make YOUR blogs Spiffy and Beautiful and dazzling????
I shall be forever grateful- and to whoever can revamp this mess of a blog into something Beautiful I shall mail you 1 sachet and 2 faux soaps. Yes thats right- help me fix this mess of bloggy-wanna-be-ness and I shall drop you a sweet little me -thanks- you- very muchly- in -the- mail!


Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

The good news about the little screwdriver and wrench is, that only you can see them! We all have them on blogspot, but nobody else sees them. If you log out and then look at your blog, they should disappear until you log back in again. I forget what they're for though, I think if you click on them you can change whatever is next to it, or something like that! I'm not sure about the orange stripe, I've never seen that one before! Do you know how it got on there?

oneblessedmama said...

WHEW! See- i told y'all that I was bad at this! The orange stripe showed up when I downloaded a free background of sorts and I cant seem to get rid of it!

Rose Pressey said...

I'll try to help if I can. You can email me at