Saturday, October 3, 2009

flappin in the wind

Just so you know- I g=had a spider crawling on me, brushed it off and am continuing to write even though I have no idea where it landed. Your welcome.
My youngest has been obsessed lately. With his flapper.
Quinster has a habit of putting his undies on backwards. Which leaves him with a massive wedgie. Which makes me laugh. especially when I see him running with two cute little tushy cheeks hanging out! Daddy went and ruined my fun this week by showing him the flap in the front of his underpants, and telling him it always goes in the front. Of course a 3 year old wants to know WHY theres a flap. So daddy showed him. And now he just HAS to use it when he pees. As a matter of fact earlier he was crying because 'I just CAN'T do it!'- As In he couldnt get his ya know through the hole... And when 'Ducky ' came over tonight Quinster had been in the bathroom for about 10 minutes- I finally went to check on him and he was again, trying to get his ya know out of the flapper. Before I could catch him he ran past, and with hands on hips said 'Look Ducky! I can do THIS (with his ya know sticking out of his flapper) it has a flapper to pee with! And off he ran again to go pee out of his flapper.
Oh- Ducky is a family friend. Quin gave him the nickjname 'Ducky' and it just stuck. Dont know why or where it came from, but it stuck. The Ducksmister just laughed at my son, and took his ya know in stride.

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