Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Oh- i have found the BEST new blog!!!! Check out The Graphics Fairy. You won't regret it! Thsi woman has AMAZING vintage graphics- FREE! FREE! FREE! I have so many project ideas inside my head right now I am litterally twitching. If only I had an ink cartridge in my computer! Okay- I'll have one tonight but STILL!
I have actually opened up a new folder on my computer for graphics to craft with. Yup. I know- Im a geek, a nerd. I don't care. Seriously. i am planning on making the stinkenest cutest halloween art for my home EVER!!! Watch out Martha- here I come! On another note I am head room mom in my sons class and have to plan a FALL party- no halloweenish anything... Maybe I should focus on that instead of THIS! And uh- a lasagna needs put together. okay Okay- Off to my mommy/wife/teachers helper chores...

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