Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DIY day at a Soft Place To Land! Come Join the fun!

It's DIY day at A soft place to land!So I thought I would drag something out of the files, and link up! With me being sick and having sick kiddos not much has been done recently! Today I will show you my bathroom sign- still awaiting to be hung in the ALMOST finished bath! I don't have before pictures- please forgive me. And trust that it was nothign fab or fun before!

This little sign started out as an unfinished piece from Hobby Lobby for $3.00. I bought a piece only becasue I had no scrapwood that was thick enough or looked right.  I painted her black, and used some sandpaper to distress her out. I printed out the french saying with graphics from the Graphics fairy, and the help of a friend that majored in French. After modge podging I let her dry and touched up the raw edges with paint. I then got out the trusty drill, drilled 2 holes and used ribbon I already had in my craft dresser.
Total cost? $3.00- I already had the other materials.
 The shutter you see? A goodwill find for $2.00. Painted with Heirlom white spray paint, distressed and then covered in Poly- I drilled 3 holes, shoved 3 antique door knobs through those holes and hubby filed the backs down to sit flush, then came bolts and LOTS and LOTS of gorilla glue, or wood glue or both.  2 Saw tooth hangers finished her out and makes a fab towel rack for my spare bath! Total cost $2.00 for the shutter, and I found 7 knobs for a total of .50 cents!!!!!
These items will be layered on my wall with art displayed on the wall above. not bad for $5.00, eh?

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