Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A big thanks to Rose for making my blog look better! And she was even able to get rid of the funky orange advertisement stripe! THANKS ROSE! I hope you enjoy your Foaps and Sachet once they arrive! I love the red! What a surprise huh? Me loving red? I know, I know. It's perfect for me! Maybe now I'll get more traffic, eh?
Today has been rather uneventful. I have been planning a party for a bunch of first graders classroom- a FALL party mind you. Cannot have anything Halloweenish. (No it's not a private school) I have games planned, and letters sent to other room moms and parents asking for donations of candy. Like our kids need more candy? lol
 I have dusted, done laundry, and dishes.I have piddled around with Quicken and budgets (uck!) I have dragged a bunch of stuff out of the attic with the hopes of making a fall wreath.  I have looked at my menu, and in my freezer and nothing sounds good for dinner, nothing! So grilled cheese and noodle soup it is. How uncreative and thats fine with me for tonight! We have more than enough left overs for Shaun to take to work, I don't need more leftovers until those are eaten up!

And I have also learned that when you give your 3 yr old gum check BEFORE you lay him down for his nap as to whether he is still chewing it!

Yup- Gum. At this point he's too sleepy-just-woke-ups to care...

Did his Spidy powers backfire????

I believe that is blankie fuzz sticking to gum residue all over his belly...

Now he is awake enough to care!


Rose Pressey said...
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Rose Pressey said...

You're welcome, Sarah! I'm not great with computers, but I was excited when I got rid of the orange stripe. lol.

My son fell asleeep with silly putty in his hand once. He woke up screaming. When I ran in to check on him, his head was stuck to the sheet. I had to take the sheet off, then cut his hair to get him unattached. lol.

oneblessedmama said...

ha-ha-ha! Sorry- I bet you didn't think it was funny at first, but seriously1 having to cut his hair? Thats fabulous!;-)