Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Roadkill rescue!

So- I went for a walk with my dear neighbor today. Quintin road his 2 wheeler like the pro that he is. As we rounded the corner I saw it! Or 1/2 of it peeking out from another piece of junk. Yes-n some things ARE junk- and those if us that thrift, refurbish, and repurpose know junk when we see it! And we also know treasure when we see it. And here is some treasure folks!

I spent the day cleaning it out and using it to hold all of my craft/business/sewing/embellishment STUFF. Or should I say i spent the day cleaning out my stuff and throwing away/sorting, etc. If you ever need scrap fabric I have LOADS I mean LOADS of it!
I shall redo her soon, but for now she is making a lovely spot, all nice and in 1 place for my things.
As far as my business goes check out my shop on Etsy. Just opened up this week!

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