Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dollar tree to the rescue!

I have been looking for new dishes for awhile. When we got married we registered for all white dishes- plain, but classy. I figured that way I could change my colors often, and not be limited by my dishes. Eight years later I have 4 plates, 2 bowls, and 3 dessert plates. Out of a set for 12! I have NO CLUE what happened to my others. I also have this
funky fun set by Bella ceramics I bought when I first moved out at 18- it was fresh, pretty, and no longer serves its purpose. Too funky for my current tastes. I have looked high and low and cannot find something I like. I DID find a set at meijer that was black with pretty embossed pattern, it also came in red, but let's get real here- you can only have so much black and red in your house before it starts to look like the Queen of hearts paid a visit. I also did not like the $79.99 tag for a 4 piece setting.
Enter DT- I went today looking for crafty stuff for the kids bin, a lil ceramic bird(total bust) and pool toys. I found THESE instead!

HAPPY DANCE! I bought 8 plates, and 8 soup bowls. They did not have desert plates, but I WILL keep checking. I love how simple they are- a pretty creamy white, with the little bit of beading. They will work with everything- and worse case scenario I can look at Christmas Tree Shoppes or Old Time Pottery for dessert plates that compliment, without looking too 'Queen of hearts threw up all over my kitcheny'.
On another note if any of you want my hand painted bug dishes, lemme know- I am going to try and Ebay them. Oh- and Dollar tree o longer carries Latex balloons, nor do they blow them up for folks, due to allergies. AWESOME!

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