Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Work it!

Yesterday was yard work day. Or more appropriately, Dirt/Mud patch work day. Daddy and the boys went at it! So did I. I made a rock border, pulled many 'prickly weeds', wheel barrowed loads of dirt, spread loads of dirt, and got eaten alive by misquitoes and garden spiders. It must be 'cause Im so sweet! My kids even conned some of the neighbors into helping Tom Sawyer style. I made them all snowcones as a thanks, and the work got done rather quickly- amazing what 8 kids under 10 and 2 adults can do!

Tough Guy carrying sticks

jackson is one HARD worker- he works alongside the adults, and as hard as they do.
We Caught Brennan 'pulling a Brad'

Boy do we have stories of Uncle brad when he was little- always dissapearring when work was to be done! Brennan ended up with an hours worth of chores at the end of the night while his brothers had some well deserved play time! Gotta get that lazy streak outta him somehow, right?
All in all it was productive, and actually fun- I now have hay all over my yard, and many sprinklers. Here's to new grass!

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