Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the wall

I LOVE LOVE LOVE our Salvation Army! Seriously- it is AMAZING! I mean if you know how to look for treasure amidst trash this store is like a shipwreck full of Gold Doubloons. Last night me and hubby went together. Actually- i dragged him. He kinda hates the thrifting. BUT- he likes what I do with my treasures after. I wanted some dainty frames for my hallway. Those were a bust but what i found instead! Oh what I found instead!!!!!!
This little gem was hiding on the bottom back shelf behind JUNK

I fished him out all regal and stately he is and claimed him as MINE! I've been wanting one ever since I saw this picture

in a Country Living Kitchen book. My style may not be Country but I sure gained some great ideas from that book. Too bad my kitchen floor plan isn't changeable...

Then as I decided to peruse furniture for kicks and giggles I saw a dresser with a mirror attached. I have been looking for a mirror for above my mantel. I have had my eye on a few, but none in my price range.

This one from Ballard designs for $199.00

I love the curves, the simple elegance.
This at J.C. Penney's for $400.00

I have always loved Venetian mirrors but wondered if it was TOO much for our space- I know the price sure was!
Ive been keeping my eyes peeled and nothing. Amy has even been looking at garage sales for me. WHAT A FRIEND! I refused to put up a plain rectangle mirror to take up the space- I'll wait before I spend $30-$50.00 on something I don't care very much for, thank you. And oh here she was!

In all her vintage- please clean me get- me unattached from this ugly old dresser glory- was MY mirror! I called hubby over and said THIS is what I want. He looks at it and says 'No you don't-it has some spots". WHAT!?!?! That's what makes it VINTAGE! I WANT those age spots there!(Maybe one day he will get it...) He said "Okay- how much is the mirror?"
No- you see the folks at MY Salvation Army are um, sticklers. You NEVER split up a table and chairs, or dresser and mirror. EVEN if it's ladder back chairs with a 50's retro red top table that you KNOW they set up just to get rid of the stuff. TRUST ME! I've had the discussion before and they refuse. Hubby encourages me to ask- I of all people actually say 'nah'. The clerk walks up to inform us they are closing. The managers overhears our conversation and asks what I want. I tell her. She initially says no. My heart breaks, but I notice that the wood frame around the mirror is a light oak. The dresser is a dark funky walnuty thing. OBVIOUSLY 2 separate pieces someone screwed together. I point it out. And she caves. Score one for me! Score like a million for hubby! I think she just wants us out of the store but I don't care! The catch- I have to come back for it in the morning. I mean GEEZE- who wants to stay at work 10 extra minutes to wield a screwdriver? The price? $5.00 The dresser was $30.00. The mirror has got to be worth the $30.00 and then some.
I force him up in the morning and am giddy until he gets home. I actually got my mirror for $4.00. They had overcharged me for my stuff the night before and so he walked with the mirror for no additional charge. Who says that spare change can't make a difference. My milk glass vase of quarters bought me MY
On another note- Drapes are up...

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