Monday, June 29, 2009

DIY- a sexy zebra chair on the CHEAP!

Okay ladies, and MAYBE gents... I am redoing my house, as many of you know. I have a love for vintage-ish stuff, toile, french provincial, and a splash of modern amidst the vintage-ish. I was DEAD SET on having something with zebra fabric in my house. Why? Well-because I like it! It's sassy. It's bold, it creates tension against my Waverly toile. ITS AWESOME! as this inspirational photo does so well illustrate!
I couldn't find zebra fabric when I wanted it. Okay, okay, I couldn't find CHEAP zebra fabric when I wanted it. i was not about to pay $29.99 a yard for fabric only to wait 2 weeks for it to arrive, and then hack it to bits. No thanks! I almost settled for hounds tooth when I realized that EVERY thrift store on the planet has enough hounds tooth print skirts to reupholster a store of couches Ashley sized. But as I was digging through a rack one day I squealed with glee! A zebra skirt! size 10, CREAM AND BLACK, not white and black,(which meant no tea dying needed). it was blue tagged- that meant half off that day. I paid a whopping $3.00 for the skirt. Thank you Isaac Mizrahi, Target and whatever women was ludicrous enough to buy the thing to only later realize a zebra- pencil- stretch- corduroy skirt is no good, then to the same dear woman who donated it! Now I only needed something to transform! I found my lovely lil' footstool at a garage sale for $5.00. It is perfect! (Please ignore hideous green upholstery in the background- it WILL get redone of of these days when i am brave enough to take it on!)
After this project I had over 1/2 a skirt left! I bagged an tagged it and added it to my pile of things for future projects. I really Do need a whole room dedicated to my uh-stuff *sigh*
Anyways- I was garage sale-ing this past Saturday with my in-laws and found 2 gems! Chairs- a matching pair, that were begging for paint and new upholstery. I'm a dork for not taking before pics- they were brown wood, red, and gold striped with purple and green threads running through on the seats. UCK! I thought one would go in our bedroom and be a combination of white/blue/gold-ish. the other my living room! And look at that!
Seriously- isn't that chair AWESOME!?!?!?!?!

(Please ignore funky colored walls- really it's not that bright- and after paying for a painter, and trying a bajillion paint samples my hubby will shoot me on spot if I dare ask to repaint it before the year is up!)

Okay- let's break this down.

Funky corduroy stretch zebra Skirt $3.00
Footstool $5.00
Paint already in garage $0.00
Chair $10.00
More black Paint $2.97.
Already had the staple gun and staples.

Total cost $20.97 $20.97! FOR BOTH PIECES!

Here are a few other options This is $270.00 at This beauty is over $400.00 at Thomasville

how about $699.00 for the 'Jennifer" at Horchow?
Methinks I'll take mine for the $20.97, couple hours of work, and help of this
very sweet young man!

How bout you? Do any funky chairs on the cheap?
P.S. I promise I'll post the other one when it's done! And yes, my Hubby did in fact ask 'Whatever posessed you to buy more chairs?!"

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