Friday, July 31, 2009

Bradford pear trees suck!

They are brittle, they only live 15-ish years, they stink towards the end of their life, and although they are capable of blowing over suddenly they look healthy, beautifuly deceptively fine!

One blew over on my van today. Seriously. No punch line. No joke. No baloney. How is that for day 1 of vacation? The tire place was supposed to be balancing my tires. Instead, it was in their lot when their tree fell on it. Now- i must say this van is worth far more to me than blue book says its worth. it's paid for. It has a new engine, breaks, belts, etc etc etc. The thing is in stinking, excuse me was in, pristine condition. So much so in fac that someone asked me two weeks ago in a parkign lot if it was a newer model with only one door. I said no, older. She continued to tell me how good my older model van looked.
And now? It ahs a tree on it, windows smashed, dents all over...

did I mention we are on vacation? Shaun has been so calm cool and collected i am amazed. God is bigger than this. We are stayign with family, and they have wheels that fit my brood, so it's okay. Not convenient but okay. No one got hurt, and well, God must have thought we needed new wheels, or no wheels, or a little bit of a test. So we shall pray adn ask that this get resolved quickly, completely, correctly. And life goes on.
I WILL miss the fact that you CANNOT lose a turqiouse van in a parkign lot.

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