Friday, July 3, 2009

Tres barnyard

My back yard is a large um, okay, that's an understatement, MASSIVE pit of dirt at this point. It's stinky dirt- smells like a pig farm. And yes, I DO know what one smells like, I used to live in farm country when I was little. Here is what my yard looked like this morning.



Our house had a pool in it's backyard once upon a time. The previous owners removed the pool, did not fill in the hole, and let it become a weed,grass, weed, weed patch. We've always wanted to grade the yard but loathed the idea of paying someone for dirt. (and it wasn't in the buddget) I mean really- PAY for dirt? Why? God made so much of it. My dear inlaws dug a large hole for their new pool and wa-lah! Free dirt. Well, minus the hours of work, etc.
My dear man has been hard at work since 7:30 AM moving, pushing, grinding and grading this massive amount of pig stench dirt. And yes, ive brewed him plenty of tea and even put it in a cup with a lid so as not to get stinky dirt in it! we have only had one casualty so far.

He and Father in law say it's fixable, the boys are a little skeptical, though.

I am pretty excited about what my yard will look like once the grass seed grows.

On another note- it's supposed to rain tonight.
Dirt+stink+rain= MUD
Boys. Mud. Subfloors.


Mimi said... did your house used to be on a pig farm also? Why does the dirt smell so bad? It will be nice this time next year! Hang in there!

oneblessedmama said...

he-he! No- I think the dirt smelled so bad cause it had sod mixed in, and was sitting in a pile for 3 weeks... The smell is gone now, THANK GOD!