Monday, July 20, 2009

The Joys of Boys 2

Lysol. Lots and lots of Lysol is filling my nostrils as I type. Clean Breeze Lysol to be exact. I have been dealing with one bathroom for a wee bit(5 months?) now. It's okay. God has taught me contentment. And the difference between needs and wants. He has obviously taught my children improvisation, and to creatively deal with the issue of 2 or 3 or 5 people needing to relieve themselves at one time on 1 toilet.
I've had this smell in my home for about 3 days. I've blamed the hermit crabs, and Sam, our lil snake. My hubby got blamed too, although he's such a clean freak I should have KNOWN it wasn't him! I've gone sniffing like a police dog looking for drugs.
Tonight I walked into our almost done upstairs bath and about fell over with the smell of sewerish things. I leaned forward into the tub, and had to catch the wall to keep me from passing out. (Okay not really, but it does sound dramatic!)
I call my sons into the unfinished bathroom. And 3 little boys look at me straight in the face and admit they have been peeing in the bathtub.

"DID YOU THINK TO RINSE???????" Blank stares greet my question. "IF you were gonna be lazy enough to PEE IN THE TUB! WHYWHYWHY would you not RINSE THE TUB OUT?????"
Please sons, can you SMELL THAT? (Of course they can- the whole neighborhood can for Peter's sake!)

"Well mom, if we rinsed it out then you would hear the water turned on and KNOW we were peeing in the tub."

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