Thursday, February 4, 2010

Decor dillemma and emotions amock

I shall start with the decor dilemma first. Not all of you want to hear of my emotional weekend. :-)
This is what you see when you walk in my front door.
Thisis a small wall that dosnt ahve room for much else. This display is about as taller than I am- (5ft6)
And I get many compliments on the frames, and 'wow- what a cool idea's.

Now- you may be asking- what is the dilemma?
I don't have 2 8x10's that I really love- nor do they look right in there. I was considering a verse split between the top and bottom. I LOVE what Nester has done with frames before... Like framed nests, etc. But folks- I'm clueless here. CLUELESS.
Shall I leave them empty? I once heard that empty frames are a sign of no life. Yep. true story.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! As well as pictures to suggest help.

Now- On to my emotional week.
It's nothign huge, really. Just being a woman. My hubby and I have had one of those weeks. Ya know- where you are at odds and don't know why. he is anoyed, youa re annoyed, and it seems as if the tempter is crouching at your door. He has said he feels oppressed lately- tempted in all areas, knowing he is doing right, and yet feeling incredible overwhelmed and tested in the areas he KNOWS the Lord is working in his heart. So i recruited some girlfriends to pray for him/us. We have been working together on many areas, and it seems as if the tempter can't get to us through our choices in finance, children, etc., he WILL get to us through attitude and relationship to ona another. This adds up to a crummy week for the entire household.
Now- add in an odd work schedule, cold weather, 2 asthmatic flares, with 2 different kids, and a set of stitches. 
THAT is from our youngest choking hugging our new Sheepadoodle, Noodle. Noodle furiously paddled to get away and my babies ear caught the brunt of that paddle. Enter mommy- cause I do so much better waiting for the doc,  and away we go. This is the SAME kid who got stitchess on our day of Utter choas, and had a set before that for falling on the wooden edge of the sandbox. BOYS!
Anywho- we headed to the hospital and saw the nurse. They originally said something about not being able to stitch it because it was done by an animal. The crabby smart arse in me wanted to ask WHAT IF a Pittbull had torn my arm open- you gonna leave me bleeding profusely? HUH?
I didn't. Instead I politely asked if they were going to do more than clean it for $1,000 ER bill, because I can do that MYSELF.
Long story short he finally got stitched up. BUT as we were being registered I heard the intercom announce 'code blue', code blue, code blue.' I askd teh registrar
Doesn't that mean heart failure/death?' She quietly said 'yes.'
Quin and I bowed our heads and began to pray for the family and doctors of the person who had passed. As we prayed and then said amen we heard 'Code blue canceled, code blue canceled!'. I looked at the registrar, she was crying, I was crying, and she reminded me what an awesome witness to others such circumstances can be. I was,  and still am,  reminded of what an awesome God we serve! And here I was worried about my son needing stitches. Stitches- when someone else lost a loved one, and then was given them back. Who am I to cry over a crabby week at home, a kid witha  torn ear, and MORE medical bills? God is bigger than all of it. I sat there and crid, and was reminded that if my God can answer prayer in such a  big way, he can surely provide for my needs as he promises, and work in my life and my husbands. So- there you have it. An emotional week. But we have in fact survived it well! :-)

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Christine Edwards said...

Wow, that is quite a week, and yet it is amazing how a single moment can put everything into perspective.

Love the frames as is. Some family portraits in B&W might be nice. Or it could be a rotating art display for whatever strikes your fancy at the moment. It doesn't have to be anything that is permanent, you can always change it out in a month, or day. ;-)