Saturday, February 13, 2010

Obsessive much?

I am obsessed. With shower curtains and bathrooms. It seems I can NEVER find what I want in a store or catalogue. I find ideas and then I jump off of them and make them my own. My man laughs, and delights in the fact that I have creative ability while also groaning, sometimes in wardly, sometimes ouwardly, at the mess, and the process of me creative decorating. I have found some more pics that I like, and alas no shower curtain is screaming 'take me home baby!'
BUt I DO have a grand idea. Muslin, linen, paint...
Do you see where this is going?
 Anthropologies curtains got my mind a workin...

Some of this is pottery barn, some Ballard.
I have NO CLUE where this is going to end up...But i have a feeling it will be with some $1.99 (half price couponed added to that of COURSE)102" wide Muslin, and my acrylic stash... At that price I can afford a major disaster, right? ;-)

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