Friday, February 26, 2010

It is HERE!

My flooring that is. It is HERE! It is in the garage. It is awaiting hubby to schedule 2 vacation days and me and 3 boys and a dog to vacate the house. If you wonder why I am SO excited let me fill you in.
I have been living on subfloors fo almost a year. Some of you have crazy sympthy for me, like my 1 friend, Karla, who swears she would have killed her hubs or moved out by now, and some of you are thinking' SO what, I'm on subfloors, too." BUT- In our bedroom we have been on subfloors for almost 5 years.
Why? We married young (20-barely) and in the hole. 18 months later I was pregnant, and became a full time mommy. 5 pregnancies in 5 years... Three boys in 3 years, 2 heartbreaks in between... A job working full commission. We ALMOST lost our house when I was 9 months pregnant with our 3 yr old. A new job, starting out at the bottom of the pay scale. Finally made top pay, and then paycuts, taking us back to about the bottom of the scale. SIGH. And well, floors were um, low on the list. Top of the list was food on the table and diapers on little butts. Oh- and electricity is also kind of a neccessity. So- here we are. Many years later, having learned the difference between wants and needs, and as thankful as I am for those lessons, I am SO EXCITED ABOUT FLOORING!!!!!! It is called antique oak. Wide planked beautiful, I cannot wait to get it down.

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