Saturday, February 13, 2010

A bathroom done, and a bathroom begun...

We are restarting our remodeling. I am excited and dreading it at the same time. Excited for the changes. dreading the process with 3 lil boys, and 2 very different yet stubborn people. I have not shown  you all picturs of our bathroom redone. It took me some time to figure this one out. I wanted a touch of red, a pale green, and some sort of checks or stripes. We went from deepr ed walls and cabinetry with an OLD UGLY sink to this

Yes i realize the wondow is unfinished- once the snow melts my new window goes in and THEN it will be trimmed and curtained.

The most frustrating ything Ive ever sewn! Thsi shower curtain took some figuring after I had some odd sizes of fabric to work with, lol

Am I insane having a shower curtain drag the floor in a BOYS bath?!

Hubby did the tile, I just adore this goose neck faucet.
The leaves on the wall is actually a towel holder- my sweet sons have dirtied all my handtowels and they are currently spinning in the wash.

rocks, nests, feathers, art

Love me some birds and a touch of nature.

I do like the funky fungi and such but this arrangement needs some help. Some grounding, some depth... SOMETHING!

I really like the detail on the antique knobs. I scored 7 knobs for all of $0.50- my friends hubby sandblasted them for me at work, and they then were sprayed.

Graphics fairy and the vintage moth outfitted my art for FREE!
As I was fixing my kids lunch This idea came to me....

Better? Maybe?
Anywho... THIs bath is pretty much done- it's tiny, it is hard to take good pictures of UNLESS you stand in the closet. I am especially proud of the fact that while Hubs was out of town, and I was home with 3 boys, I measured, cut, with a hand saw i must add,  nailed up with the nail gun, painted and finished the trim myself. I was rather proud. So was hubby. He said he was going to go out of town more often. I said okay, just teach me how to use the table/circular saw.
Now- on to inspiration for my next bath. This bath is long and narrow. I refuse to show pictures in its current state because I am just not ready. Yes, it is THAT bad.
 I want it to flow with my current bedroom.
I somehow have lost the folders of bedroom pictures.
I have blues, crisp white, a splash of red( OF COURSE) and a khaki/gold in there. I was considering a straw/oat color for our bath with white cabinets/molding and beadboard ceilings. I have a framed mirror and would love a vintage light. As for the shower curtain I am toying with plain muslin, with a border of something along the bottom... Anyway here are some inspiration pics...
I have requested about 20 boks from the library, and am listing and breaking down our budget... Remodel here we come!

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