Sunday, September 6, 2009


September 6th 2006...
I was large, eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel with my hubby and middle son. I had taken my hospital bag JUST IN CASE I went into labor(I was due the day before) and after breakfast these pictures were taken on Cracker Barrels porch.

When we wree ready to leave we realized we had locked the keys in the car! I panicked- what if I went into labor and didnt have my copy of my birth plan? What if I didnt have my c.d.'s and my makeup? And MY CAMERA????????
An hour later, and a AAA agent to thank, we were heading home and I decided after cleaning house that a nap was in order. I woke up in labor at 4:27. At 7:20ish we headed to the hospital after I had walked up and down my steps and soaked in a warm bath with a peanut butter sandwich floating in a tupperware container (just in case I got hungry)
I remember too many nurses in the delivery room, and one frantic one in particular that did not like that I decided to labor in the shower instead of the bed.

"Mrs. Cain I'd feel better if you were out here on the bed" Nurse Judy said.

"Well, I'm the one in labor and I feel better in here!"

I never did come out of the shower for her to put an I.V lock in and she refused to come INTO the bathroom to do it... Oh well- I didnt want a needle in me anyways...

I remember feeling GOOD- yes GOOD about this labor. For 6 months I had been worried about my baby. I had preterm labor issues from weel 13. We had lost 2 children before Quintin, and the loss of little Evan was still quite the source of grief and pain. I had been told my baby wouldnt make it, he would be early, he would be sick, maybe 6 lbs tops, etc.

Here my son was a DAY LATE just to show those docs that GOD was in charge and HIS timing was perfect!
I remember the resident getting out the squat bar, and me leaning over, I remember smiling as I pushed, true story, and I remember Doc coming in, with the frantic nurse Judy asking in the background 'WHAT DO WE DO?!?!? WHAT DO WE DO?!?!?!?!

Geeze lady! I'M the one in labor, WITH NO MEDS, and I'M the calm one? WHERE did You go to school?????

I remember doc saying 'WHATEVER THE HELL SHE WANTS TO DO JUDY! (exasperated and gruffly) Women have been having babies for thousands of years! She waves arm my way "Like THIS???" Doc laughed and said YES!

I remember reachign down and feeling my sons fuzzy little head, and I remember his first cry. It was 8:33 PM 3 hours and 54 minutes after my first pain. I remember hearing a nurse say 'He has red hair!" and I know I was smiling ear to ear. He was crying, he was ALIVE, he was 7lbs 15.4 ounces! He was healthy!


I cannot believe he is 3 already. My baby. He was dubbed the 'Jolly baby' by Amy and her hubby. And it's true. he is quite Jolly. If Santa and Mrs. Clause had a son this kiddos personality would fit the mold! He has an infectious giggle and laughs often over nothing and everything. He truly added JOY to our home in a way that balances out my serious older son and quiet middle son. His run is hilarious- think of the Jello wiggle room diet commercials.... His whole body jellos when he runs! i love it! He's got a very thankful heart and is always thanking me for the dinners I cook, even if he doesn't like it. His current fave color is pink. He loves to 'rock out' and knows he is adorbale. He smiles that smile and shakes his head 'yes' emphatically while wiggling his eyebrows when wanting something he KNOWS he's not going to get- as if he could turn the tide with his adorableness. God has blessed our family with 3 perfectly wonderful sons and on this day we thank Him for giving Quin to us for another year!

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MISSLINDY Photos said...

Oh.My.goodness.Sarah!I think you almost made me cry with this one.How lucky I feel to have been able to me and shoot this beautiful little boy! :)