Saturday, August 29, 2009


So- it was a week ago that I promised Jacksons art to you... And there has been a lot in between... Cubscouts, a migraine, a broken arm issue, yardwork... and plain old forgetfullness.
So without further ado...

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Aren't they awesome???? I mean I may be biased but I lOVE his art! I love the little details! I have several more Jackson originals and some framed around the house... He is loving his art teacher this year, and she seems to really be coming along side him and encouraging him in what she calls 'his thing'. Praise God for good teachers!
On another note Brennan could use some prayers. His arm is not healing very well. One of the bones is displaced, and although some callouse has grown, it is crooked... When we went in on Thursday to get a waterproof cast and he was told nope, not yet. We were given 3 options- pins, rebreaking(I'm getting sick just thinking about it) or a TIGHT cast and a chance to heal on it's own. Doc said to try the cast first. It may take months to correct itself. We are praying for wisdom for us to know what to do, and healing for our son. He has been so patient! We have yet to hear him complain of his plight. He may ask once in awhile for help with his Lego Bionicles(thos buggers are HARD to snap together!) but mostly he likes to do things on his own. I praise God and my son for his attitude about his broken arm. At this point we don't know how long this might go on. The cast he has on now cannot get wet AT ALL. He needs help washing his hands, brushing his teeth, etc. IF this cast gets wet it will cause severe pain and cut off the circulation to his arm. So- how to keep a 5 year olds hand dry? VERY CAREFULLY! Thanks for the prayers! Also- he is stil in pain, so pray for that, too. Not much else is going on. i have a girls night planned on Tuesday for thrifting- WOO-HOO! I can't believe how excited I am- it's kinda sad, ha-ha. Alright- off to the kids, they need momma!

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely Beautiful and so detailed!Way to go Jackson!