Sunday, September 20, 2009

The itches

It's Sunday morning and my children are watching Scooby-Doo. I am playing in Blog land, looking at fall and Christmas decor and getting the itches, jonesing, monkey on the back, craving soome creative release today. I have a need to do something. I think I shall climb into my attic and see what I can find to remake lovely, or new to me, etc. My wheels are a turnin'!

I Do get recreate this afternoon when my F-I-L gets home. See- Last night was my birthday celebration. And my inlaws bought me... MY ARMOIR!

When I say my armoir I mean this piece that has been sitting for at least a year in a garage 3 streets over only to be dusted off and brought out 5 times a year for a garage sale. This piece I have measured and alas it was too little for our old t.v. BUT NOT OUR NEW ONE! They wanted $75.00. I say NO WAY! They took $30.00 after I told them how much work would go into revamping it, etc and that I had seen it outside for at least a year and wouldn't they just love to have the extra space in their garage again? He-he. So she came home- She's so heavy I cannot even budge her! And shes practically perfect. Heres her biggest flaw!
Which is easily hidden...
Inside she has a record player- yes VINYL FOLKS! And stereo. Those will be coming out to the dissapointment of the Hubster. The top shelf will remain however.
She has some mud on her legs from being in the garage for so long, but thats okay. Give me alittle Old English scratch cover and a damp rag and she will look NEW!!!!
So today I will have pics up of her in my living room, and I shall be listing my old t.v. stand thingy on Craigs list. Any takers? Solid wood, meduim oak finish, 2 cabinets... $20.00

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