Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall dec

I gave in to the creative bug bite today. I painted, myself and my pumpkins, I tweaked, I adjusted and looked and tweaked again and this is what I came up with...

A vintage metal basket full of fresh crisp apples.

My Roadkill Rescued piled with frames that are to be filled with personalized art from my Etsy shop- -and pumpkins that got a coat of paint, candle pillars I LOVE LOVE LOVE and some yard findings that got blessed with a coat of cream paint.

i TRIED to make the little silver gourds and punkins look like this

But it was a disaster! I had no silver or hammered finish spray paint, so alas they stayed silver!

The other half of my Roadkill with the after of my monogram picture

Here's the before... Not that it's horrible- it just didn't go with my colors... Now it does!

The table scape in front of the window I am not quite sold on-

It has more color only because, well, I couldn't quite bring myself to paint an apple black... Sigh... I know I painted a pumpkin black, why not an apple? I don't know- I just couldn't do it! And I thought those curtains needed a little red next to them! They get lonely...I just may change all of this next week...

Even my fireplace got a nice little addition of a whimsical wire basket full of fresh pears- THANK YOU MORRIS!

Now after checkign my post I realize I forgot to windex my fireplace...and oh yeah- Brenster says hi!

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