Monday, September 28, 2009

Of Armoires and some pictures

I am listening to a snoring child, a wiggly child, and Praise Music. My dear friend Amy and her hubby are on their 10th Anniversary weekend getaway and I have the privilege of having their girls. I've painted fingers and toes, snuggled little girls and held their hands as we walk along the driveway. It's been fun borrowing girls. My house is a little more balanced out- the estrogen is ALMOST at the same levels of testosterone around here! Crazy, huh?
So- About that armoire that my man was making new...
If you have kids you KNOW that silence is not golden- it means your kids have found a golden opportunity to get away with something. Until you notice the silence that is. I think it's the same with our men. Seriously. i think it's a male thing. Silence, DEAD silence means they are weighing their options- thinking things through- Like how to best blow up the frog in the microwave. Or how to sneak the scissors outside to kill bees without momma noticing. Or how to fix the hole in the wall that they made when doing only God knows what. Or how to fix this...

Yes- that is several heck, whose kidding, TONS of NAILS in the side of my ARMOIRE! And not just one side- OH NO! BOTH SIDES!!!!!! I walked back inside after going "OH! Oh. Oh! Dear God HOW? Um. Um. Oh."

I heard my F-I-L say "Sarah- come here!" I thought- yeah right! Let me dry the tears first! Shaun promptly put his arms around me and just held me. I told him long ago that many things can be taken care of with a hug, hold approach- don't try and fix it- just shut up and hug me! He did. Lesson learned after 9 years...
George said something along the lines of rebuilding the sides. i saw disaster. Shaun said something I dont know what and George then said something about when we upgrade our t.v. this piece is going to be useless anyways. WHAT!?!?! USELESS!?!?! IDIOT!!!!!
He OBVIOUSLY doesn't read dec blogs, or dec ANYTHING!
I said lets pound those nails back through and stain over the top. They said'Hm'. Shaun was smart enough to promptly do it, all the while telling me how sorry he was.

And it all worked out in the end!

i know they felt awful! They had measured correctly but one of them , I wont name who, although you thought he would know better because he IS older, decided to put the nails into the groove of the bead board so they wouldn't show as much. Ha-Ha-Ha. They showed all right! But now shes up and so is my tassel.

I love it! And she will never be useless! One day she may hold my jewelry and sweaters or my craft stuff, but she will never be tossed out! I debated over painting her. I know- some of you are thinking DO IT! And the rest of you are going- DON'T! And for now- she shall stay. Hubby likes the wood and I actually like the finish on this one. I don't know- we shall see...
On another note our dinner and dance was fun! Some chick grabbed hubsters buns,seriously grabbed- like a double grab, oops sorry, grab the other cheek squeeze grab! I'll attribute her bahaviour to the open bar. We got to slow dance and flirt like kids, and the food was actually delicious! I know he's hot- but he's mine so don't get any ideas ladies!

After coming home j and I had some silly snugly time on the couch -all in all a great night!

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