Friday, September 18, 2009

Ramblings of a tired wife/momma

I know I haven't blogged in about a week... I've been busy. Busy with children, busy with the house, busy getting my little Etsy business going (6 sales in less than 2 weeks... NOT BAD!)And being a little lazy, too. Wednesday was my birthday and I took the day off. I sewed, read, played in the sandbox with kids, made breakfast for dinner, and even though I loaded the dishwasher and picked up the kitchen I still left the stack of pans till morning. GASP! Yes, I left my pans till morning!

Thursday I spent at J's school helping his teacher and loving it! Ive taught MOPS classes, Kindergarten Sunday school and aided in Kindergarten so a bunch of first graders don't scare me! I love being with my son, getting to know his friends and teacher and the rest of the teachers. His teacher is a doll! She barely speaks above a whisper yet has complete control and the respect of her class. On my way out that first day I got lots of' can you come backs?' You are fun! We like you! And a little guy very enthusiastically pumping his thumbs up in the air saying 'Mrs Cain you ROCK!' J said he loved getting to give me hugs and kisses whenever and when he came home he said 'Mom- Teagan said You're hot. Whats that mean?' Nothing like a bunch of little kids to boost the I- just -turned -29- years -old- last -week- self esteem. When a parent meets a child for lunch that child can picka friend to join him and his parent up on the stage for lunch. J chose a little boy named who we will call A. As we chatted i found out A had 4 siblings, he was the youngest and lived with mom and an aunt. I asked if his Dad lived close by, assuming its a split family with shared custody.



'No- he got sent far away because of what he did to us.'


'Oh', I smile nicely, and open my mouth to ask Dallas what he likes to do at home
after school. I don't get that far.

'He choked my mom and tried to hurt me when I was a baby'. Totally matter of fact, unashamed and informative.

J 'Why would he do that?!'

Me- 'Well, sweetie, some people are just bad. (Dallas nods head emphatically)
It's hard to understand but not everyone is nice to their family. Dallas I am so glad that you and your mommy are okay.'(Thinking- subject change, subject change, awkward awkward poor little boy poor mom.)

A- My mom had twenty sisters.

Me- 12?

A- no 20, two zero 20. They had 3 kids in every bedroom. It was squished.

Me thinking( 3 kids per room, 21 kids, 7 kids bedrooms, 1 for adults. Sounds like the Duggars! Wait- I read a book about Polygamy recently- NO. Nuh-uh.)

A- yep, alot of people in 1 house.

me- So was there only 1 mommy then? Thats alot of kids for 1 mommy.

A- 'No, there were 2 mommies.'

Me- And 2 daddies right?

A- No. 1 daddy, 2 mommies, 20 sisters.

J- Can we get your phone number, I want you to come play.
(I had found out his mom and aunt are renting a home in our neighborhood)

A- No, I can't give it out. My mom doesn't want anyone getting her phone number.

Me thinking (well if you are hiding from an attempted murderer AND on the run from the FLDS CULT OF COURSE you don't want anyone getting your phone number!)

But maybe it was an orphanage his mom grew up in and when I meet her we shall have a good laugh over my ASS-U-ME-ption that she was in some witness protection plan or underground railroad for ex -culties or battered wives. Maybe just maybe Ive been reading too many biographies on ex-polygamists and serial killers. Or maybe not. I shall however pray for this child, his family, and keep my eyes and heart open to oppurtunity!

Let's see... On another note... I had a blast the other night bargain shopping with my birthday money. I found me some black skinny jeans! Woot! Woot! And some killer shoes! I LOVE shoes. Especially at clearance, + 40% MORE off PLUS PLUS PLUS BOGO! I brought home some bright rich lipstick red patent flats, some adorable black and white peeptoe heels with a black buckle, some mustard yellow leather flats and some black patterned flats with an awesome flower/viny modernish vintage mix print in like 30 great colors. Yes, I bought 4 pair of shoes for UNDER $20.00! Don't hate. Be happy for me, ladies.
I also brought home some vintage appeal jewlery. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Charlotte Russe jewelry. And a couple of shirts. I seriously look forward to birthday money all year. It's the one time I can go out and drop money on me and choose to not think that I need or should spend it elsewhere. We celebrate with the Hubbys fam tomorrow. I have requested a chocolate orange layer cake. Wait- back to that shopping and all year thing. 29. 29. 29. 29.
Ladies- I am reaching that um, age.
What age? THAT age. The age where you start to think- is this look too young for me? Gasp. I said it out loud. I mean it though. You know- I try to look classy and sassy and cute. I do often shop Juniors (SHUT UP! I did NOT HEAR THAT!) and well, there will come a day when Juniors is no longer an option. While I am LIGHT YEARS and I do mean LIGHT YEARS away from Alfred Dunner(gag me with a maggoty spoon!) I do want to make sure I am not looking like that woman who, is although young by many standards, isn't 16 anymore. Maybe it's not my age but my lifestyle. I mean hollywood women in their 40's wear things I wouldnt dream of walking out of the house in. Maybe it's because I have a husband and children and most of all WHO I represent that has me thinkig these things. I have come to realize a man appreciates a classy woman so much more than a woman dressed like a streetwalker. I am amazed at how many men find a classy woman more attractive than a trashy, bare it all woman. And even more amazed at how many men say classy is sexier than skin bared all over.... And how many men say how unattractive it is for a woman to dress like a highschool girl...
Okay- Ive rambled enough. It must be the late hour(or maybe the White russian?;-)
Of to bed- MAYBE mu kids will sleep in tomorrow??????

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