Friday, March 5, 2010

You ever ask God to show you a certain area of your life that needs work? I didn't think I had a problem with pride. Nope, not me. Mu husband thought differently. Whatever, honey. Not MOI! But- I conceded that I would pray about it and ask God to show me if I was wrong.
God is faithful. Amen. But lessons in pride are painful. Amen? AMEN!
He was faithful enough to let me swallow a big fat dose of myself yesterday. Ugh. I am an overly opinionated, argumentative kinda gal, who is learning to become more gentle and quiet. 
Ona nother note, my floors go in tomorrow! TOMORROW! TOMORROW!
However, today I am sick, running a fever, and am thinking that I have literally the energy of a slug to pack up things and move some furniture. Ugh. 
Thats okay. Hubs can do it without me! I cannot wait to share pictures of the after- cause you all have seen my AWFUL sub floors! 

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