Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nifty thrifty linkin up

It's today! It's today! The Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays at Coastal Charm! I decided to post pictures of one of my very first thrifting buys. I used to avoid thrift stores at all costs. I paid full price for things. (Hangs head in shame) I did not like used things. (hangs head even lower) ThankGod i am a changed woman!
When hubby and I first redid our bedroom, I was looking for wall accents. I spotted this piece ona bottom shelf for $1.99. I kept picking it up, putting it back, over and over. Finally I decided that I could always redonate it if it didn't work.
It worked. The camera catches more goldish tones th at it really lets off, but I LOVE this piece. I get so many compliments on it. A friend who is an interior designer once said ' That piece could have gone Either way- really good, or REALLy bad. It is REALLY GOOD.' In the same week I also found the fabric for my curtains at $1.00 a yard, and fabric for my pillows at about $1.00 ayard as well, and several milk glass pieces to accents my valances.
Now- these are OLD pictures- we have white nighstands now, and this week my woodwork is getting a treatment of white paint, and new floors are going in. I am wanting to paint-  lighter shade, but we shall see.  So I shall show you the updated shots soon. However- for under $20.00 we made curtains, and put up a unique piece on the wall. I once saw the same piece in an antique store for $45.00!
Go on over and link up to Lindas party, peruse others thrifty finds, and have a blessed day!


Judi said...

I began thrifting 30 years ago and so many people thought it was "embarrassing" and it was for poor people! So glad you have converted and see the great benefits and joy from treasure hunting! Judi

marmielu said...

Welcome to the thrifting world. I started years ago with baby clothes, and thanks to a hubby out of work, ventured into grown-up clothing, then things for the house.....and the rest is history. My girls are grown, so you get the idea of how long I've been at this. You've done well!
Mary Lou

oneblessedmama said...

Thanks ladies. I am blessed the Lord worked on my pride and allowed me to see the beauty in remaking. I am slowly converting a friend over to using the words 'treasure hunting' instead of 'junking' or dumpster diving. of course helping her make all her Christmas gifts for pennies really swung her more in my direction! lol

Linda said...

Thriftin' is soooo much FUN...all the money you save can take you on a wonderful vacation! I love the piece over your bed...looks outstanding:)


alice said...

So glad you came to the "dark" side" hehe!! Good hunting!
smiles, alice

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Welcome to the land of thrifting and finding that special treasure! I look at thrifting as a "treasure hunt". Very exciting! Anyway... love the touch over the bed...