Friday, March 12, 2010

A touch of spring

Spring is here! I can hear birds chirping every morning, ah- I LOVE that sound! My kids shoes are muddy, thank God for boot trays, and it is nice enough to be outside most of the day. With spring ont he outside, i needed al ittle spring on the inside.
If you aren't familiar with Vintage Printables, you should be! Great website with tons of vintage images. I perused and picked out some botanicals and butterflys. I then uploaded them to my Walmart account and had them printed. After some spray painting of frames, and mounting on cardstock, here is the end result.

This beautiful Poppy botanical cost me a measly $0.19- the frame was $0.60, and I had the spray paint, and sandpaper to make it go from gaudy to pretty.
What is Spring without butterflies? I look forward to our zoos gardens butterfly exhibit every year. It is an indoor garden exhibit with hundreds of butterflies. They have a spot where the Chrysalis' are hanging, and whent he butterflys hatch, they take off and 'do their thing'.
AHH! Fresh touches of spring throughout the house!
How have you been decorating for spring?


Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Heheh! I FOUND you! It was wonderful to meet you. Tell Allison to get BLOGGING. :) I can not wait to see more on your know me and PB. SMITTEN! Looking forward to a wonderful time going thru your blog.


Peggy said...

It was great meeting you this weekend! If I write anything crazy, please forgive me.. ha ha! I'm all loopy on cold medicine and am a bit preoccupied watching my husband work under the kitchen sink.

Can't wait to spend an evening going through your blog! Now I had better be off as I have a HOT date! We are going out for brunch and an afternoon of thrifting. Man, I love that man!!

oneblessedmama said...

I adored meeting all of you ladies! :-) A hot dat of thrifting- I am jealous! My man will go, and has had fun, but usually it is arm twisitng, lol
Megan- are you STALKING me???? ;-)What do you mean you FOUND me? ;-)he-he. cannot wait to read your ladies blogs!
Blessings, Sarah

ReeBan said...

Hi! It was great meeting you on Saturday! I can't wait to see what you found and do with your finds. I'm sure it'll be great!