Monday, March 1, 2010

A show off and a cry for help!

Hey there Readers! It is Monday morning. 2 of my kiddos are off to school. Breakfast is picked up, the dog has been out to poop, I have relieved myself, and had 2 cups of coffee. AHH!
 I know, probably more info than you wanted, but seriously- YOU all get up, pee, drink coffee and go about your day, too!
My youngest is watching some toons, and I am blog reading. How many of you could spend HOURS online? I know I could with all the great creative blogs out there.
So- have you seen these bottles?

At $149.00 for three from Wisteria, they are unique, beautiful, WAY overpriced  and completely out of my budget range.
I have seen other bloggers make them using twine, and while it is nice, I wanted the soldered look.My hubby has all the tools, but I was a little worried about burning down the house, setting my hair ablaze, or getting a glass bottle so hot it exploded and left me scarred for life. Yes I have an active imagination. Yes, I am a tad bit clutzy.
SO- here is my version.

The bottle was $0.99 at my salvation army. I already had the oyster shell.  I used a low melt glue gun, and then raided the crayon box. I used matches to melt a black crayon onto my glue, and just held the bottle sideways and rolled it around to get the desired look. I am only out 99cents and a few mild burns on my fingers. Thsoe matches were crazy fast burning! I think I used like 40 of them. Oh- I also heated up the crayon in the microwave when it became just a nub, and I kept burning my fingers. Then I used the soft wax to kind of paint with my fingers on the bottle, and heated it up with another match. Clear as mud?
I will be looking for some awesome stuff to 'solder' to more bottles for a trio this spring.
So- on to my cry for help. I found this perfect jar at the salvation army. Only it has this hideous unperfect Christmas tree on it.

HOW do I get it off? Ive tried sanding... To no avail. If I used paint thinner would it ruin the glass? Seriously adies- I NEED your help! Thanks. And sorry about the shaky pic.

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Karrie said...

I wonder if finger nail polish remover would work? I love your bottle with the shell on top...really pretty!