Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My bathroom dilemma- show me some ideas!?

Well, floors are done, trim is awaiting my hubby a day of rest. What a guy! he finished those floors while sick and icky! I am already mentally gutting our bathroom. My house needs put back together...
Yesterday a friend and I went to Assets Recycling. Now- this place is in THE GHETTO  on the opposite side of the tracks ladies. BUT- it is a true diamond in
the rough. Oak trim for .30 a linear foot? Yes, please. Colored brand name grout at $3.00 a bag? Yes, please. How about Behr stain quarts for $1.25, and unfinished cabinet drawers and doors, brand new for $1-$5 A POP!? Granite is at $1.00 a square foot.
 Anyone in Indy know of a guy that does granite on the side? As in cut AND install?
So- if you live in indy, check it out,. Just take hand sanitizer, albuteral if you are asthmatic, and a friend. I scored a brand new jug of Valspar Mocha glaze for $3.00. WOOT WOOT!

So- here's my thinking. I want  some glazed bathroom vanity love going on in my master bath. Like this

Something like an off white, glazed. NOW- If I want to do beadboard, HOW will that look? Remember I have about 50 library books on baths? And not a one of them has glazed vanity, with crisp off white beadboard. Now- I am a  rule breaker. There are no rules in this house as far as decor except for the good old 'If you like it, it must be right' rule.
So- ladies, what do you think? Anyone have any inspiration for me that I can see? I would love your input!

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