Tuesday, March 9, 2010

updates on floors

My house is in shambles. My poor kids had thawed out sausage patties, strawberries and mini wheats with no milk for breakfast. (I forgot to buy more milk , and the stove was inoperable, and we do not have a toaster...) I think they survived just fine.

Here was my house Sunday, as I began this post...

I TOLD you it was a shambles. I have furniture in the garage, on my front porch, and stuffed into the office. My laundry room is um, scary. However, as I type this morning, my living room is done, other than trim, and my bedroom over 1/2 done. My new floors are a dusty, muddy mess. Hubs keeps racking in crap when going back and forth to the saw in the garage. Ahh- mopping. I get the privelage of mopping once again!
Forgive the unropped, crappy shots. I had cropped them, and lost them and have things to do and places to go and not the time! lol
On another note- can ANYONE tell me what game this is?
I have searched, googled and about knocked myself out trying to figure it out. It is not a fox and geese board. The one side has 7 marble holes on it, the others only 5. I figure this would be an awesome wall hanging once I get ahold of it with some sandpaper and such. However, I would LOVE to know what it is!

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