Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bradford Pears Trees Suck! Part 2

Seriously- trees! This week has been the week for trees! We arrived home yesterday at 6AM. In a rental. It has been determined that our van is not covered under our or Mr.Tires policy. $200.00 is what we got out of it...
We have been praising God that our family is safe. It can always be worse, etc, etc, etc. Everyone slept a little, we went to the grocery and came home to unpack.
Shaun was getting ready to mow the lawn when Brennan, who had been climbing the neighbors Bradford pear came running up the driveway crying and saying he bent his arm.
Now- let me just tell you that Brennan cries, no WAILS, over everything. To the point that when He is crying we kind of ignore it. yes, you read that right, we ignore. We tell him to buck up. When he has a hangnail the cry sounds as if the child is being skinned alive by Indians, a bumped toe scream is as loud as a man being scalped... So when my son came walking up the drive BARELY crying I told him he was fine, that it was probably just bruised and to shake it off.

Then he held THIS up in the air, and I almost vomited.

This pic isn't the most gruesome angle, the other side looked as if something was about to pop out of the skin- praise the Lord it didn't!

Yep, it sure was bent. I thought of the old cartoons when someone wrapped an anvil around their arm. Yuck. I called for my husband, and completely forgot that neighbor kids were in my court, kind of under my watch. Oops.
The in laws rushed over, and we rushed out the door.

At St. Francis we waited, and waited, and waited. They actually got x-rays BEFORE they gave him meds. Finally I found a nurse and told them to quite monkeying around- I mean geeze, his wrist was hanging off! Morhpine was given, and we waited some more. The doc mentioned an Ortho I'd never heard of, sedation, pins, etc. I said NO! We were calling Dr. Kayes, Brennan's Ortho at St. V's. It just so happened his partner was going to meet us at the children's E.R. and go from there!

At the children's hospital Brennan was pampered, given a cool Colts quilt, backpack and Colts blue beanie baby lizard. They picked out books for us to read, and even though no orange juice was available SOMEONE managed to find some for my son for when he woke up. it runs out that God answered our prayers with a yes, and no surgery was required. Brennan had broken both bones jaggedly off. We go back on Thursday for more x-rays, another cast due to swelling, and they didn't even get into how long he will be wearing this one...
All in all it has been quite the adventurous week. We were supposed to be celebrating birthdays tonight- my mother in laws and Brennan's. Cakes to be baked, etc. But right now my son just needs snuggled! Updates to come on the wrist!

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