Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chef in high demand

My boys are sweet, and a little crazy, too. Last night I was TRYING to hang my new curtains with my MIL- she was perched on a chair holding my rod(a lil to the right, no higher, now to the left... you get the idea) when i see my sons ON TOP of my mini van. Why? They thought it would be fun to pretend it was a mountain. I have NO idea how the 2 yr old got up there. After a scolding and kicking them out back to play in the sandbox I thought Id safely bought myself sometime to finish the curtain hanging(surely Sandy had sore arms by now!) then I hear her exclaim "OH! HE's NAKED" I look outside just int ime to see JBrennans buns run by and Jackson mid stride throwing a plastic spear at his brother like some new Guinea native... IN THE FRONT YARD!
NAKED! IN THE FRONT YARD! They are almost 5 and 6- SURELY they know better!They were promptly sent to bed, still naked, (Hey- they wanted to be that way! By morning they had changed their minds- it does get a lil chilly on the willy...) and Sandy and I dissolved in fits of laughter.
As I was tucking them in 10 minutes ago Sweet Jackson says that he doesnt want me to die EVER! See- he'd have to go through LOTS and LOTS of being old without me, and that would be sad. He wants me to always be his mommy and always be here. He piled on the sweet talk and the hugs and love , And then from the bottom bunk comes Brennans voice- 'Yeah- Who would cook for us?"

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MommaC said...

Oh the tears! They can be SOOOO sweet. I cried like a baby yesterday when I picked up the kids from preschool. They were playing a DVD compilation of pictures of all the kids (Chayse was in like 100 pics) and it was set to sad music about babies growing up, I cried for 15 minutes and I'm not even pregnant anymore. I wish they could stay babies forever!! They are just so cute and amazing, I don't want them to outgrow mommy, ya know?