Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers day to all of those that are blessed to be called mom, momma, mommy, mother, etc! I thoroughly enjoyed a 'nuggle' fest in our bed this morning with 3 little boys all giglly, huggy, and kissy. Quintin refused to say 'Happy Mothers day' much to his fathers prodding, and cajoling. He wanted to know where HIS presents were! I look back on the six and a half years of being a momma and can't believe how time flies! I remember my 1st mothers day- Jackson was barely 3 months, and I was so THRILLED that when Pastor told all the mommas to stand up, I GOT TO STAND, TOO! Since than we have had 2 more sons here on earth to 'nuggle', kiss and love on, and 3 more sweet little ones in heaven. I always said I wanted LOTS of babies! ;-)
I have been amazed at how your heart can grow bigger, and love more with each baby that makes it's way into your life, the living and the gone to heaven ones. I have cried tears of joy, tears of 'I can't take not getting any sleep any longer!, tears of sorrow and tears because I am a woman and I can! And through it all I realize what an awesome responsibility raising these children is. I am humbled and awed that God would see fit to give this job to me. And I realize that only through Him can I even be 1/2 good at it. Being a mom, not a caretaker, is the hardest and most rewarding job I have ever had. I applaud you moms that take the time for your kids, to do the best for them. To put your family first, and realize that some days kids need a LOT and maybe, just maybe the laundry will have to wait a couple of hours, or heck, till the next day.
Keep it up Mommas!

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