Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What we've been up to

Did you realize that you cannot clean baseboards? No really- plywood cannot really be cleaned. It can be bleached, but you can't tell what was cleaned and what hasn't. What's a stain, and what's well, character... So- I swept them, and vacumed them and praised the Lord that soon I shall have new hardwoods, not plywood. Shaun has been laying tile, and it looks beautiful even though it's only half way done. I have been working on a shower curtain... and having dilemmas... As in I love the fabric but am not sold on the hanging of it
Whats it need folks? HELP! Or shall I scrap the fabric I love and buy one at the store??? I painted my mirror today, bought the clips to hang the pesky fabric, and painted my shutter white. The ugly ole Goodwill find shutter that was too charming to pass up and shall be adorned with hooks for a towel bar thingy. I LOVe this process! Really, I do. I love taking something and making it beautiful I love redoing the ugly, the worn out, or the plain ole hideous and finding the value within it. Kind of like my Saviour has done with me. I still have lots of peeling chipped junk on me and he keeps plowing through, exposing whats underneath. I'm glad He isnt done with me yet! I don't think Ive posted pics of whats been done so far so here you go!

OKAY! I have no skill yet on EBlogger... hence the many pictures repeated and in odd spots. SORRY! The couch is in the process- my $5, 000 Yes I MEANT THOUSAND!)piece I snagged for twenty bucks, and lots of time with a steamer! It will all be taupe eventually, the toss pillows and back cushions I made. The lil Zebra footstool... it used to be cherry-ish, with bad old folks home upholstery until me, a skirt from Goodwill, a stable gun, scissors and a can of Krylon attacked it. I wanted something modern amidst the vintage. see Aunt Dale- I TOLD you it would be cute! ;-)
The chandelier I scored for a buck, and also hit it up with some krylon, and made shades for it- can't wait to get it in my kitchen! The lil antique table was a salvation army fine, and the GORGEOUS! black and white piece you see? Well- $10.00, and LOTS of prying on rusted knobs, some vinegar soaks, sandpaper, sticker removal(red hearts to be exact) and 3 cans of Krylon later it is a beautiful telephone table. As Shaun hammers, nails, pries, and lays tile I spray paint, clean, and sew... Sounds like a nice trade off, don't ya think?

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