Monday, May 4, 2009

Handy Shauny

My floors are ripped to pieces, window framing is gone, and at 11:15 PM there is still the sound of whacking/banging/vacuming/nailing/de-nailing... You get the idea. Quintin WAS asleep- until Daddy started the impact gun and my son came running from his room, sleepy eyed, SCREAMING and clinging to me as if the Japanese were bombing us and he had 1 night to live. I love how handy Shaun and his dad are. My husband is truly amazing! He and George, my father in law, have done so much over the years! They are both perfectionists about their work, and I love that! If they don't know how to do something they learn. And then they do it RIGHT! No half attempts, no making do. it's done right or not at all. i lvoe that about my husband even if it means jobs take longer than I wish or that he obsesses over the little details many wouldn't. I love the sense os satisfaction he gets out of a job done right!
I realize as we embark on this adventure it will really tell me alot about myself. I already know that I don't do chaos well. I cannot handle many people in one place with no agenda, haphazard dinners, playdates that get started 2 hours late, NOISE, NOISE, NOISE! Now this doesn't mean I am an inflexible personage. I can do playdates 30 minutes late, I can do busy dinners,and many people with purpose and manners. I can handle many kids in my house, or yard as long as they aren't destructive or hang from the ceiling fan. But I dont know how I will do with no floors, drywall dust, and BOTH of my bathrooms being pretty much off limits. I will have to move out with Quin for a few days and wonder HOW will that work? I pray this doesnt affect his asthma in particular too much. The rest of us make do, he however has it pretty bad. You even look at him and think asthma flare and it happens.
Patience, perserverance, and joy will be needed in abundance for this month.
Yet I see how blessed we are to do all of this without having to finance it, not go into debt. The insurance company was MORE than fair, and I never thought Id be happy to have my kid poo and only God knows what else to make a toilet overflow and KEEP overflowing! lol
Ya know come to think of it that toilet has not been right since Jackson and Ella flushed a bean bag filled with Minute rice down it. I know, minute rice expands, dumb idea for a 2 yr olds bean bag game... Or was it? Thank you Ella, jackson and Quintin for the house remodel! I love you lil'turdlets!

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