Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sam is our latest pet. Sam is beautiful! Green, smooth, kind of small for his species, and LOVES to snuggle. Sam is a snake. An Eastern garter snake to be precise. Last night Shaun decided we needed some long overdue family time(all the demo in our house has taken time away from lil' boys and mama) so we loaded the family up to go to Uncle Bills. After oohing and aahing over puppies we came home with 2 new fish, and a faux cave for Sam. It has a hole in the top so dear Sam can crawl in and out, and soft moss in the center for Sam to burrow in. We also brought Sam some delicious goldfishes to eat! We rearranged Sams home, and let him be happy as a lark in it. Amy came over today and about died of cardiac failure countless times over Sam- unfortunately my youngest doesn't quite get the whole deathly afraid of snakes, don't open the cage in my presence, or bring it near me type of thing. He-he. I get it, kind of- I panic at the sight of balloons or rubber gloves.
Sam is happily pokign his head out of his cave/rock as I type.
I realize with boys that creepy crawlys are going to be a way of life. We have found countless worms in pockets, once a HANDFULL and I do mean handfull!(cause they were cold, you know?), beetles in shoes(it makes a good cage in a pinch), spiders in jars, and I can't count the times my sons have gone on a wasp hunt, yes actually hunting the mean evil things out, to kill of course... last week it was a bird they were hunting to kill, cook over the fire and roast... I didnt let them of course, but they did try before I found out WHAT IN THE WORLD they were doing!
Glad I had all brothers growing up...
Glad God made such an amazing world for my sons to explore, and terrorize. Glad he has given us modern medicine to counteract the countless bug bits, scratches, broke bones, etc that come from exploring.
Ont hat note enjoy the pictures!

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