Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ah- my drywall is up! Ah- the painter is hired. Ah- we are shopping tomorrow for the necessaties. Our drywall guy suggested a place called 'Assets'- a massive warehouse with anything and everything the remodeler could need- at killer pricing. So- that being said we put the bathroom on hold for 2 days until Shaun was off work. Why pay lowes price when you can pay SA price for new stuff? I thought I would add some pics as to what I am currently living in.

I feel as if there's no point in cleaning- it all seems messy anyways- but a clean house, or somewhat clean, is a must, so... The fishtank is no longer in my living room- WOO-HOO! I love my man but I have never liked that tank in my living space. I mean- how french/provincial country can you make a 65 gallon fish tank look? Things are rolling along. Hopefully they will go at warp speed soon- Shauns brother, his wife and their daughter come into town the end of this month, and a massive deck/pool build begins on the 1st of June.
I have been praying that this whole home remodel project would allow us some oppurtunity for ministering to others. It's funny how God uses things like having a guy in your house doing drywall to work in YOUR life, not neccessarily the non-believers! Example- aren't we usually on our best behavior in front of others. Not fake, not phony, just more aware of how we respond to people, or um, shall we say our children? I have been high strung this week, not feeling well and irritable. Easily impatient, and well, my kids have been out of sorts too. After 2 days of the drywall guy in my home things are back to peacefullness. I realize it is because of MY response to my children. My response changed. Not my children first, not my feeling crummy. My RESPONSE. How convicting! How grateful I am that God chooses to work in my heart still, even as stubborn and crusty as it can be. How I pray that God did use our lives in said drywall guys life to make an impact, and how blessed I am that God used drywall guy being here to work in my heart!

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