Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Decor Series #4 - sad to joyous!

How does one take this sad little cupboard door frame and make it happy again?

Well, first you rip off that awful fabric, and paint her heirloom white. Then you rough her up a bit with some heavy duty sandpaper. Sit her aside, and explain you have some prep work to do before her make-over is done.
Then you pick a phrase/verse/quote, etc. Find a font you like and print it off nice and large. Lay the paper BEHIND some fabric of your choosing, and trace that phrase/verse/quote, Unless you are more talented than me and can freehand letters. I. CAN. NOT.  I used a quilting pen that dissapears- genius, eh?

Oops- shes sideways... You get the idea, though, right?
Then get out your trusty thin paint brush and a paint color of your choosing. I went with my new Holiday fave Folk Art Pure Gold.
Paint that font in, and keep your hands steady!

Set aside to dry, and gather your embellsihments. Mine were ribbon from the Dollar Tree that had a fab texture, but cheap looking edges, so I cut off the edges!

Some glittered leaves, and stems of cones and pears, and some greenery.
Get that hot glue gun and have some fun! I didnt take pics at this poitn because, well, I am pretty sure that if you are reading this you are NOT completely craft challenged, AND I was using my industrial strength glue gun, and trying to not melt my fingers off! Yes, industrial strength. Hubby got it for me one year for Christmas, cause my little ones were' cheap and junky'. The directions stated it could cause 2nd degree burns. It does. I know this from experience. I gave it back to him to take to the shop(hes a mechanic). BUT- my lil junkjy cheap one broke,(big surprise, eh?) and well, anywho...
You get the idea- make your embellishments and do somethign like

I cannot wait to show it off when it is in its rightful spot! All in all less than 2 hours, and $4.00..
I have 3 more of those cabinet panels left...
 I think I may turn 2 of them into card display holders, or maybe not...
Where do you find old cabinets? I got mine at the Salvation army for $1.00
The Restore is agreat place for those sorts of things. We have a salvage yard place around here that has all sizes of cabinet doors for $1.00 a piece... But you know- a niec large frame would work well, too! Happy hunting!

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bringing up boys said...

I love your sign! I popped on over from a soft place to land. I think your choice of words for the sign are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your gift with us! Karyn

myrepurposedlife.blogspot.com said...

wow! great job, and so quick! I think it would have taken me a lot longer!
it really looks wonderful!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Amie said...

Love the idea of the quilting pen. I am soo going to try this!