Wednesday, November 4, 2009

8... 8 dollar... 8 dollar coffee table!

So- what do you think this post is about? A sofa? He-he.
Okay anyways.... After posting my Christmas series announcement this morning I popped #3 into the car and off we went to the Dollar Tree and the Salvation army. i have been looking for a coffee table for quite some time. Cannot. Find. The. Right. One. I walked into the good ol SA and there He was. Squeal! Long, lean, and EIGHT DOLLARS! EIGHT DOLLARS! Seriously- I ran to the check out and told th clerk I was calling dibs on him. Then I proceeded to look for a coat for my middle son, and some other stuff- pics to come later of my thrifty finds.
Anywho- the table.... I put it in the trunk and brought it home, went to the grocery, came home, put 2 coats of primer on her, 2 cans of Satin cream spray paint and several coats of clear protective acrylic. It kinda smelled like cinnamon. Anyohne else notice that about Krylons Satin crystal clear? Anywho... LOOK!

Someone had a bad dog!

I cannot wait to put it int he house! The legs match the legs of my antique chairs!
okay- off to finish another project!

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Kimm at Reinvented said...

Oh my, such style for 8 bucks! I love those curvy legs, and nothing makes them stand out more than beautiful cream spray paint.